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How To Link to Apologetics Index / Copyright Policy

Link to Apologetics Index

You are welcome to link to our home page -- or to any individual page or entry in Apologetics Index. (This is sometimes called "deep linking.")

You do not have to ask permission to link to us.

You are also allowed to quote up to two paragraphs from an article, as long as you link to the page where you found it.


While you are free to link to any page or individual entry within Apologetics Index, the look, "feel" and original content of Apologetics Index are © Copyright 1996-2013 (and following years) by Apologetics Index ™.


Why we have this copyright policy

Use in Bible Study Groups, Home Fellowships, Church Bulletins, et cetera

You may photocopy articles for use in church bulletins, Bible Study Groups, Home Fellowships, counseling situations, and so on, under the following conditions:

Use in Personal Study

You are welcome to copy, store and print articles for your personal use.


If you wish to use any of our original material and are not sure whether your intended use is permitted please contact us.