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Falun Gong, Falun Dafa News Archive

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Falun Gong, Falun Dafa News Archive


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(Includes items added between Oct. 25, 1999 and Jan. 31, 2002. See about this database)

Older items:
(Sep. 10, 1999) China Continues Campaign Vs. Sect
(Sep 8, 1999) What the religious leader who made China tremble has to say for himself
(Sep 3, 1999) Detained members of banned meditation sect stage hunger strike
(Jul 23, 1999) Elusive Falungong leader says mass following rattles China
(Jul 23, 1999) Outlawed sect leader fears bloodshed in China
(Jul 22, 1999) Banned sect joins long Chinese history of religious suppression
(Jul 22, 1999) U.S. concerned about China's ban on meditation group
(Jul 22, 1999) China assails "feudal superstition" after protest
(Jul 22, 1999) Followers defend falun gong as innocuous
(Jul 22, 1999) Massive protests prompt China to outlaw meditation group
(May 17, 1999) Delegates to attend sect's anniversary celebration
(May 10, 1999) Spiritual Revival: Falun Gong grows in popularity in U.S., China
(May 10, 1999) The Power of the 'Force'
(May 7, 1999) China Sees Threat in Secret Sect
(May 7, 1999) The man China fears most
(May 7, 1999) Tremors of Discontent
(May 5, 1999) Meditative discipline from China builds a following in N.J.
(May 4, 1999) Falun Dafa: Followers say meditative discipline cures many ills; others call it a cult
(May 3, 1999) Police holidays cancelled to foil cult actions
(May 3, 1999) Chinese movement is quietly growing here
(Apr. 29, 1999) How Master Li channels cosmic energy
(Apr. 29, 1999) Authorities Warn Cult Against Threatening "Social Stability"
(Apr. 28, 1999) U.S. Cult Master "Played No Role" In Rally
(Apr. 28, 1999) Peking may outlaw cult behind rally
(Apr. 27, 1999) Sect gets chance to air grievances
(Apr. 26, 1999) Sect vows to stop 'evil tide sweeping mankind to catastrophe'
(Apr. 26, 1999) Chinese cult draws many followers
(Apr. 26, 1999) Cult Group Protests In Beijing

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