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David Francis

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This entry provides a brief look at David Francis. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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Duke Potgieter

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Meanwhile, an apparently unrelated party by the name of Duke Potgieter had shown up at the mortuary in order to raise Meintjies from the death. Unfortunately, there was a complication:

Paul Meintjies was apparently raised from the dead in the mortuary here just before dusk on Saturday.

But he won't be wearing the sweater his wife knitted for him to keep him warm after a month's cold in the mortuary, and he won't be joining his family and the "prophet" who predicted his resurrection for a festive meal.

Shortly after he rose from the death, he "froze to death again" because the funeral director wasn't there to unlock the mortuary's heavy doors, says Duke Potgieter, the man who specially came from Cape Town to give Meintjies a new lease on life.

According to Potgieter, Meintjies' "second death" is to be blamed on the funeral director, Nico Foulds.
Source: Oom Paul out in the cold, News24.com, Aug. 1, 2004
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At this point it would be helpful to know a little more about Duke Potgieter:

Potgieter, who is the leader of the Kingdom Body, also calls himself "The Son of Man".

According to his websiteOff-site Link, The Kingdom Body is "an informal group of resurrected individuals separated from those who reject the truth".

The website also claims that the judgement period kicked off on May 17 this year, and "the end is nigh".

In a secret chamber on the website, Potgieter describes himself, under the heading "The revelation of the Son of Man", as follows: "The two anointed ones are the witnesses - the Redeemer (Jesus) and the Leader (Duke).

"The Redeemer is the written word and the Leader is the spoken word. The Redeemer and Leader are one, the Religious Witness."

Furthermore he describes how his own birth and those of his three children was predicted in Bible scripts and how his life changed into a "dream".
Source: Oom Paul out in the cold, News24.com, Aug. 1, 2004
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