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Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ
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Evangelism : Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


Sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ


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Evangelism is the sharing of evangel - the ''good news.'' Historically, it has referred primarily to the preaching of the Gospel of Jesus Christ by his followers, Christians.

See Merriam-Webster's definitions:
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• Articles
Christian Apologetics and EvangelismOff-site Link, by Jimmy Williams of Probe Ministries
Christian Are Evangelism, Missions, and Apologetics a Hate Crime?Off-site Link An overview of recent media portrayals of evangelical fulfillment of the Great Commission. From Watchman Fellowship
Christian Becoming A Gentle CrusaderOff-site Link "How to share your passion without being obnoxious", by Jan Johnson, Discipleship Journal, July/Aug. 1999
Christian Discover Your Evangelism StyleOff-site Link "You can introduce people to Christ just by being yourself.", by Matt Mittelberg, Discipleship Journal, Sep/Oct. 1996
Christian Evangelism that FlowsOff-site Link "Natural forces drain evangelistic energy, but your church can keep its outreach strong.", Leadership Journal, Summer 1998
Christian Intolerance, Apologetics and EvangelismOff-site Link A Christian response to accusations of intolerance. From Watchman Fellowship
Christian Six Enemies Of Apologetic EngagementOff-site Link, by Douglas Groothuis
Christian Talking FoolishnessOff-site Link "How do you talk about the cross with people who scoff at the concepts of sin and guilt?", by Paula Rinehart, Discipleship Journal, Mar/Apr. 1995

Article Collections
Christian EvangelismOff-site Link Leadership Journal, Fall 2002
Christian Evangelistic Bible StudiesOff-site Link, from the Coalition for Christian Outreach - a college ministry that works cooperatively with colleges, universities and churches to help them guide students through these critical years of their lives
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Christian A Guide To Web EvangelismOff-site Link Detailed resources for online Christian gospel outreach. Highly recommended!
Christian Off The MapOff-site Link "OTM explores new ways of thinking about and practicing what it means to follow Jesus." (See this news article)
Christian Servant EvangelismOff-site Link Steve Sjogren's site
Christian ServantEvangelism.comOff-site Link

Link Collections
Christian Web EvangelismOff-site Link Collection of links to sites about evangelism, plus links to sites that contain presentations of the Gospel.
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