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What to do if you disagree with Apologetics Index information
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What to do if you disagree with Apologetics Index information

What to do if you disagree with Apologetics Index information

- Correcting factual errors and/or ommissions;
- Suggesting additional resources


About this page

How This Site Works

In our experience, most people who disagree with something found on this site do not understand a) the purpose of Apologetics Index, and/or b) how the site works. If this includes you, please note the following before sharing your disagreement:

  • Understand how this site works
    The following is quoted from How To Use Apologetics Index:

    This index is intended to facilitate research regarding religious cults, sects, new and/or alternative religious movements, apologetics ministries, apologetics-related articles, counter-cult resources, etcetera. Therefore, it contains links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources.

    If you are looking for information about, say, Mormonism, you will find listings for Christian apologetics ministries, secular anti-cult sites, but also links to the Mormon Church and Mormon apologetics organizations, as well as selected articles on the subject.

    Likewise our section on, for example, Wicca, includes resources from Christian, secular, and pagan perspectives.

    Note: while the publishers operates from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives. See also: Apologetics Index Viewpoint.

  • Check the source
    Apologetics Index includes links to thousands of other resources. If you disagree with something you find posted at another site (or wish to correct a factual error in their material) we encourage you to contact that  site.

    To determine whether information provided is part of the Apologetics Index web site, look at the URL in the address box of your browser. Apologetics Index URLs all begin with http://www.apologeticsindex.org/. Generally, information found in the smaller pop-up windows (e.g. the ''Current News'' links) is provided by sources outside Apologetics Index.

    Apologetics Index also includes many articles written by third parties. The authors are always clearly identified. Should you disagree with the information provided, please contact the author directly.

    Apologetics Index posts many quotes from magazine- and newspaper articles, books, academic papers, etcera. We are not responsible for the opinions expressed by third parties.

    Most quotes are in this format (text offset from the left margin, and with a blue border to the left of the text).
    Source: See also How to use this site
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  • Work in process
    Please note that this site is a work in process. It is never quite finished. You'll find both extensive  and brief  entries. Some entries include pointers to a wide variety of resources, usually from various perspectives, while other entries are - for the time being - briefer and/or more one-sided. The entries are expanded as time and energy permit. Of course, we welcome suggestions for relevant resources to include.

  • Read the disclaimer
    Apologetics Index has a pretty extensive disclaimer that presents legalese in plain English. No kidding! Folks who can't handle free speech may want to first check the alternative version.

  • Study these resources
    If you're a Christian, these articles - and the additional resources referred to - will give you an understanding of where we're coming from:

    » May Christians judge? About discerning between orthodoxy and heresy.
    » Are Christians allowed to...? About wisdom in handling disputable matters.

  • Agree to disagree
    This web site is provided as a research resource. It is not the final word on the subjects addressed. It's OK to agree to disagree.
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What To Do If You Disagree

  • Disagreement:
    If, after taking into account the above information, you still feel a need to share your disagreement, and you think we are the right people to contact (that is, you have made sure that the material you disagree with is ours, and not something quoted from another source) you're welcome to do so.

    However, please note the following:

    • Theological Debates / Matters of Opinion.
      We do not have much time or energy to engage in theological debates or exchanges on matters of opinion.

    • You may want to first read What Not To Do If You Disagree.

    • Provide Proper Documentation.
      We are always interested in constructive feedback.

      What this means:
      • If you are merely getting ready to let us know that you disagree with our views regarding, say, Benny Hinn, or
      • you only want to let us know that - unlike us - you support, for example, the prosperity teaching,
      spare yourself and us the trouble.

      We generally do not interact with messages that do not include proper, verifiable documentation. That said, if you have - or know of - an online resource that adequately explains your viewpoint on a certain issue, we'd be happy to hear about it. We may, at our sole discretion, include a link to the suggested resource.

      If you refer to offline resources, we may request that you mail us a (photo)copy of the material.

    Document your disagreement
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What Not  To Do If You Disagree

  • Do not flame
    Quite simply, we do not respond to flames (unreasonable, angry, or otherwise disrespectful messages).

  • Do not threaten
    Threats of any kind will be considered harassment, and will be reported to your Internet Service Provider.

  • Do not ''spiritualize'' your message
    That is, do not offer your views in the form of a ''Thus sayeth the Lord'' message.

    We have relationships of mutual accountability with fellow Christians whom we are in fellowship with and know well, and whose discernment we trust.  We do not accept ''words,'' ''prophecies,'' and/or ''rebukes'' from people we do not know.

  • Do not merely share your opinions
    Only properly documented messages are taken seriously.
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How To Report A Factual Error
  • Corrections:
    If you would like to report a factual error, please note the following:

    • Check The Source. Make sure that you are addressing original material found on the Apologetics Index web site, and not a) material found on other web sites, or b) material quoted from other sources (including third-party news articles). (How to distinguish quoted items from original material)

      We can not correct material found on another web site. You'll need to contact the web site in question. Also, we can not edit material quoted from other sources (but we can, in some circumstances, make note of corrections - which must be properly documented):

    • Provide Proper Documentation. What this means: We do not interact with messages that do not include proper, verifiable documentation. You are welcome to refer us to online and/or offline research resources. If you refer to offline resources, we may request that you mail us a (photo)copy of the material.

    With those requirements in mind, if you wish to report a factual error, you can contact us here (factual errors only).
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What to do if you disagree with Apologetics Index information
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