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Apologetics Index is changing - to a new design. It is something that is happening slowly but surely. Surely because the new design is cleaner, loads faster, and is easier to use. Slowly, because thousands of pages on this site were built with no particular, consistent design in mind - making it difficult to update them all at once through search-and-replace.

So we're starting the process with an entry here and there. Thus for a long time to come you'll still find many old-style Apolgetics Index entries, ranging from really old pages (ouch!) to a more recent look, and of course our latest design.

Q: Why do the new pages include ads?
A: Apologetics Index is provided as a free service. However, our normal budget does not at all allow for the expenses incurred by our online and offline ministry. Hence this is a reader-supported website. In addition, the ads provide us with small, but much-needed commission payments that help toward keeping this site online. Every little bit helps...

Q: How can you advertise 'such-and-such'?
A: The Google advertisements are automatically selected by a script. Products, services, organizations and ministries advertised are not neccessarily endorsed by Apologetics Index (nor do the advertisers necessarily endorse all or part of Apologetics Index). It should be noted that, while the publishers operate from an evangelical, Christian point of view, we do encourage research. That is why Apologetics Index itself includes many links to articles, books, websites, organizations and ministries not endorsed and/or recommended by the publishers of Apologetics Index. (See About The Listings).

Q: Reader-Supported?
A: That said, we rely on donations in order to pay for site- and ministry related expenses (See: Why we need your help). We have listed some donation options here. The simplest, safest and most popular way to donate is by using PayPal for one-time or monthly donations (Even $5 or $10 a month is more helpful than you might think.)

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