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About: David Kowalski

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David has worked as an English teacher (Abeka), high school administrator (ACE), in-school-suspension teacher (public school), Associate Pastor (two Assemblies of God churches), Senior Pastor (two Assemblies of God churches), and Bible College Professor (Global University).

Posts by David Kowalski:

Saturday, Jan. 3, 2015
Column: David Kowalski:
Truth is not measured by the pleasant feelings it elicits and truth-telling is not determined by the pleasantness of the sentiments expressed.

Whereas some Christians seem to think that the ultimate virtue is to be agreeable, God's, true spokespeople never sacrifice accuracy for agreeableness.

Wednesday, Dec. 3, 2014
Christian Doctrine, Column: David Kowalski, Grace, John Crowder, Joseph Prince, Practical Christian Living:
An old teaching has been recently reinvigorated.

Its advocates claim the teaching is a “grace revolution.” But many critics see it as merely a fresh spin given to the rebellious, ancient heresy of Antinomianism.

Tuesday, Nov. 25, 2014
Column: David Kowalski, Practical Christian Living:
Let’s agree with God about our sins that we may begin to break the cycle of sinful conduct in our lives.

Tuesday, Apr. 29, 2014
Column: David Kowalski, Practical Christian Living:
The Bible clearly commands us to change our sinful ways but also makes clear that we must rely on God's strength to do so.

Tuesday, Mar. 25, 2014
Column: David Kowalski, Practical Christian Living:
The battle for godliness is won or lost within. The outward acts subsequently show what has already conquered our hearts and minds.

Friday, Dec. 6, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Spiritual Abuse:
Lust for a feeling of spiritual superiority can be exploited by dishonest or abusive leaders.

Friday, Oct. 4, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Practical Christian Living:
When we encounter tribulation and distress, the promise contained in Romans 8;28 is by no means defeated because it is not a promise to keep us from those things. We take heart and rejoice in these tribulations because we know that God is using all things to bring about our eternal welfare as we become increasingly conformed to the image of Christ on our way to heavenly glory.

Saturday, Sep. 28, 2013
Column: David Kowalski:
Using the straw man fallacy is irresponsible at best and dishonest at worst.

Monday, Sep. 16, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Faith Healing, Prosperity Gospel:
Having been recently asked about what I may have written on the subject of the Word-Faith movement, I replied largely by giving what I consider the best resources for understanding and responding to the movement. I have reproduced that reply in this article.

Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013
Column: David Kowalski:
Both relativists and Antinomians will specifically speak against some things as wrong. It seems they only object when issues related to sexual morality are openly addressed.

Tuesday, Aug. 13, 2013
Bible, Column: David Kowalski:
Misrepresenting the meaning of the original languages of Scripture is one of the easiest ways to mislead those with little if any training in those languages.Even if one Is not a scholar trained in biblical languages, however, there are simple ways to test what is being alleged about the Greek or Hebrew.

Thursday, Aug. 8, 2013
Column: David Kowalski:
Submission to leadership is conditional. If a leader is leading well we should follow. Even if they diverge from the path just a bit we should be respectful, but we must always reserve the right to respectfully disagree if they say or do things we think are not in harmony with Scripture.

Tuesday, Jul. 30, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Postmodernism:
The absurdities we see in the avant garde will eventually lead to serious social and religious consequences.

Monday, Jul. 29, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Renewal and Revival Movements:
Not everything that looks like revival is revival. A group of people can learn to act in the manner they think revival looks like and then claim to be “in revival.”

Column: David Kowalski:
Christians should be aware of the growing phenomenon of affinity fraud, through which Christians are being swindled out of exponentially growing amounts of money each year.

Sunday, Jul. 28, 2013
Column: David Kowalski:
Let’s not forget what we are here for. People such as the millions at the Maha Kumbh festival need to hear the good news of the blood that cleanses us from sin.

Wednesday, Jul. 17, 2013
A-Z Index, Bible, Column: David Kowalski, Hermeneutics:
It is not sinful to use the mind in understanding the Bible’s contents. God created our minds and expects us to use them.

Friday, Jul. 12, 2013
Column: David Kowalski:
Links to Google+ articles I have not put on Apologetics Index.

Thursday, Jul. 11, 2013
Column: David Kowalski, Leadership Issues, Ministry:
When we evangelize, we convert individuals from the world. When we secularize, we let ourselves become converted to the ways of the world.

Wednesday, Jul. 10, 2013
Christian Doctrine, Column: David Kowalski:
A "Jesus" who is not Lord is a different Jesus than the one spoken of in the Bible.