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The Da Vinci Code: The Facts Behind The Fiction

by Bob Waldrepoffsite

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Here is what the Primetime report uncovered
[...continued...]    Concerning whether Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, they come to no solid conclusions. Those interviewed who believe as Brown, tried to find Biblical evidence by pointing to the Gospel account of Mary trying to touch Jesus after his resurrection and His telling her to “Stop clinging to me. (John 20:17) Some believe this to be an indication of intimacy indicating the two were married.

According to Dr. Darrell Bock of Dallas Theological Seminary this …”was just her single act of devotion given to him without concern about what people are thinking about what she is doing.”

To this Vargas states: “Most other Biblical scholars we spoke with agree with Darrell Bock’s assessment. But we did find one who thinks the scene in the garden might point to an intimate relationship between Mary Magdalene and Jesus.”

Note “most” disagree with this position while they found but “one” who agreed with it.

This one was Father Richard McBrien, PhD of the University of Notre Dame who interestingly on several occasions in the interview had stated he did not believe Jesus had been married, even relying upon the Scripture to support his conclusion. On the point in question, however, he concedes that, “If (emphasis added) he [Jesus] was married it was obviously to Mary Magdalene.” Not quite the overwhelming evidence that Brown and ABC might have hoped for.

Having failed to find proof from within the Biblical record, Vargas now examines the assertion that the works of Leonardo Da Vinci support this belief. In his book, Brown’s characters put great stock in the works of Da Vinci as evidence that Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene who bore his child and was intended to be the foundation of the Church and lead it into goddess worship. Brown is convinced that Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper particularly proves this point.

His reasoning, in part, is that Da Vinci includes Mary Magdalene in the portrait at the right hand of Jesus. While art historians have long recognized that individual as the youthful Apostle John, Brown is convinced otherwise. In speaking with Vargas for the Primetime interview he reveals he was first exposed to this idea some fifteen years ago while attending a class in which the Professor pointed out that missing from Da Vinci’s painting of the Last Supper was a common cup used for the wine. Brown said he had never noticed this before. Then the professor told them the cup was in the painting but it wasn’t a drinking cup, it was a person. That person he was told was Mary Magdalene who was seated in the painting beside Jesus.

Brown doesn’t stop there. Not only does he believe the painting supports the view that Jesus was married but also that he was a feminist due to the way Da Vinci postures the subjects in the painting forming a “V” between Jesus and the figure to his right (Brown tells us the “V” is an ancient symbol for woman). He believes the painting also gives credence to his belief that Da Vinci was part of a secret society of goddess worshippers, the Priory of Sion, who were tasked with preserving and protecting the Holy Grail.

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Breaking The Da Vinci Code
Breaking The Da Vinci Code

The Truth Behind The Da Vinci Code
The Truth Behind
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