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Religion Calendar
Religious festivals, holy days, observances and celebrations

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Religion Calendar

Religious festivals, holy days, events, conferences, observances and celebrations


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- Today's Calendar -
» Historic Events and BirthdaysOff-site Link Includes religious holidays and history
» On This Day New York Times feature (includes an historical front page)
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- Religion Calendars -
Secular Earth Calendar - ReligionsOff-site Link
Pluralistic Interfaith CalendarOff-site Link Includes one-line descriptions of the various holy days, festivals, and etcetera. The site's editor is a United Methodist, but the site has an interfaith approach.
Non-Christian Islamic Calendar for North AmericaOff-site Link See also this explanationOff-site Link of Islam's calendar
Non-Christian The Jewish HolidaysOff-site Link Thorough listings of holy days in Judaism, provided by B'nai B'rith. See also this explanationOff-site Link of the Jewish calendar
Non-Christian Religion News ServiceOff-site Link ''[A] listing of the major religious holidays, conferences and denominational meetings for the month.''
Non-Christian The Zoroastrian Religious CalendarOff-site Link
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- Other Calendars -
Secular The Earth CalendarOff-site Link A daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world.
Secular Encyclopedia of DaysOff-site Link Exhaustive, searchable listing of holidays, holy days, and other observances for every country in the world, major religions, and etcetera. With explanations.
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- Background information about Calendars -
Secular Calendars Through The AgesOff-site Link Includes information about, among others, Christian, Jewish and Islamic calendars
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- See Also -
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About this page:
Religion Calendar - Religious festivals, holy days, observances and celebrations
First posted: Jul 12, 2001
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