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Generational Curses
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Generational Curses



A popular, though aberrant teaching holds that problems in the life of a Christian - including sickness, poverty, natural disasters, and etcetera - can all be due to a curse spoken many generations ago. Often, believers in this theory are involved in an equally aberrant variety of spiritual warfare, with an unhealthy and unbiblical emphasis on demons. Very prevalent in the Word-Faith movement, as well in today's controversial renewal and revival movements.

- Articles -
Christian Are Christians Cursed?Off-site Link Addresses the teachings in Marilyn Hickey's book, ''Break the Generation Curse''
Christian A biblical refutation of the Cleansing Stream programOff-site Link
Christian Demons, demons, where are the demons?Off-site Link Addresses the teachings of Neil Anderson (including his belief in generational curses)
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