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Mailing Lists and Newsgroups on Cults, Sects, etc.

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Note: While helpful, online resources generally are not a good substitute for face-to-face counseling. Restricted-access mailing lists do provide a level of support in that ex-cult members can encourage each other during the healing process. Be careful with confidential information, especially in public newsgroups, but also on private mailing lists and in private correspondence. If you are being harassed, contact a professional, e.g. at AFF (secular) or Watchman Fellowship (Christian)

Mailing Lists

ChristianAcademic AR-talkoffsite High-quality, moderated mailing list where apologists and counter-cult professionals request and share Christian apologetics resources. Open to all religion professionals. Supplements the weekly Apologia Report.

Message and Chat Boards

Christian CultChatoffsite
Christian LDSchatoffsite
Christian Religious InfoNet Discussion Forumoffsite On the Walter Martin site. Discussion on a wide variety of topics, including doctrines, cults, religions.
Christian Watchtower Review Live Chatoffsite


Secular alt.religion.christian.boston-churchoffsite Newsgroup started to question and examine the teachings and practices of the International Churches of Christ. Like most "alt." newsgroups it is unmoderated. Open to all - members, ex-members and interested parties post. But despite the expected sparring, the level of conversation and the overall attitude in the group is better than in most alt.religion groups.
Secular alt.religion.scientologyoffsite Contra-Scientology Newsgroup. Best source of up-to-date news and information about Scientology. This newsgroup frequently is under attack from people who do not want you to think for yourself, do not like freedom of speech, and who promote censorship. Unable to deal with criticism intelligently, they resort to spam-flooding the newsgroup. This client-side newsfilteroffsite filters out the spam. Use it along with, or instead of, newsreaders like Agentoffsite
Secular alt.support.ex-cultoffsite
Open to anyone, so be prepared to separate the wheat from the chaff. The group is frequented by a number of helpful, knowledgeable people. Despite the group's obvious focus on ex-cult members, some cult apologists and other cult promoters can not resist posting their propaganda. For privacy and safety reasons, cult members, former cult members, and their families and friends are encouraged to post from a web-based email address (such as provided by Hotmailoffsite, Exciteoffsite, Yahoooffsite). Be careful with confidential information.

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