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This entry provides a brief look at the Book of Mormon. For in-depth information we refer you to our collection of research resources.

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While the publishers of Apologetics Index operate from an orthodox, evangelical Christian point of view, the intent of this site is to provide research resources from a variety of perspectives.

Therefore, unlike many other websites that deal with the issues we address, many topics on this site include links to Christian, non-Christian and secular research resources, presented from neutral, pro, and contra viewpoints.

Note: A simple color-coding system is used to help you identify the general background of sites, articles and other listings.

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• Books
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity 1830 Book of Mormonoffsite A research resource presented by the (Christian) Institute for Religious Research
Christian 3,913 Changes in the Book of Mormonoffsite Researched by Jerald and Sandra Tanner
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity American Apocrypha: Essays on the Book of Mormonsoffsite Dan Vogel and Brent Lee Metcalfe (Editors). Note: Thomas Murphy, the author of one essay in this book, risked being excommunicated from the Mormon church because of claims made in the article.
Consider the Book of Mormon, first published in 1830. The nature of this volume-in particular its claim to antiquity-is the theme of nine ground-breaking essays in American Apocrypha. Thomas W. Murphy discusses the Book of Mormon's view that American Indians are descendants of ancient Hebrews. In recent DNA tests, Native Americans have proven to be of Siberian ancestry and not of ancient Jewish or Middle Eastern descent. Nor is the Book of Mormon a traditional translation from an ancient document, writes David P. Wright, indicated by the underlying Hebrew in the book's Isaiah passages. Other contributors to American Apocrypha explore the evolution of ideas in the Book of Mormon during the course of its dictation.
Source: Back Cover
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity An Approach to the Book of Mormonoffsite by Mormon apologist, Hugh Nibley
Secular Having Visions: The Book of Mormonoffsite Subtitled, "Translated and Exposed in Plain English". By Susan Stansfield Wolverton (a pen name).
In 1992 Wallace B. Smith, a former president of the Reorganized Church of Latter-Day Saints and direct descendant of Joseph, wrote, "One thing is clear. The genie is out of the bottle and it cannot be put back. Facts uncovered and the questions raised by the new Mormon historians will not go away. They will have to be dealt with if we are to maintain a position of honesty and integrity in our dealings with our own members as well as our friends in the larger religious community."
Source: Book Listingoffsite at the publisher's website.
Christian Kingdom of the Cultsoffsite by Walter Ralston Martin, Ravi Zacharias (General Editor). Includes a lengthy chapter on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and a detailed look at the Book of Mormon. Excellent standard work, highly recommended.
Secular Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA, and the Mormon Churchoffsite by Simon G. Southerton
Plant geneticist Simon Southerton was a Mormon bishop in Brisbane, Australia, when he woke up the morning of Aug. 3, 1998, to the shattering conclusion that his knowledge of science made it impossible for him to believe any longer in the Book of Mormon.

Two years later he started writing "Losing a Lost Tribe: Native Americans, DNA and the Mormon Church," published by Signature Books and due in stores next month. Along the way, he found a world of scholarship that has led him to conclude The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints belief is changing, but not through prophesy and revelation.

Rather, Southerton sees a behind-the-scenes revolution led by a small group of Brigham Young University scholars and their critics who are reinterpreting fundamental teachings of the Book of Mormon in light of DNA research findings. Along the way, he says, these apologist scholars, with the apparent blessing of church leadership, are contradicting church teachings about the origins of American Indians and Polynesians.
Source: Science challenges Mormon beliefs, Associated Press, July 24, 2004
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodologyoffsite Brent Lee Metcalfe (Editor) Ten contemporary scholars discuss whether the Book of Mormon is a translation of ancient scripture, or is a nineteenth-century creation of Joseph Smith.
Christian The New Mormon Challengeoffsite "Responding to the Latest Defenses of a Fast-Growing Movement" by Francis Beckwith, Carl Mosser, Paul Owen (General Editors). Collection of essays examining current Mormon claims and defenses. Includes a chapter on the Book of Mormon.
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Studies of the Book of Mormonoffsite by B.H. Roberts (Editor)
Incredible as it may seem to many Latter-day Saints, Brigham H. Roberts (1857-1933), an LDS General Authority widely considered Mormonism's greatest apologist and historian,1 expressed the grave doubt that the Book of Mormon is a translation of ancient scripture. Elder Roberts reached this conclusion after his research uncovered extensive evidence that Joseph Smith borrowed the basic plot and many details from other books. This evidence long suppressed because it is considered harmful to the Mormon Church is presented in detail in three essays by Roberts, now published as Studies of the Book of Mormon (Salt Lake City: Signature Books, 1992).

• Books Online
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Book of Mormon (1830 edition)offsite Scanned images of the original 1830 Book of Mormon. (Made available by Mormons in Transition, a Christian website that offers research resources on Mormonism.
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Book of Mormonoffsite Searchable.
Profess to be Christian but are outside orthodox Christianity Book of Mormonoffsite Current edition, posted at the official site of the Mormon Church. See also: research resources on the Book of Mormon
Christian The Changing World of Mormonismoffsite by Jerald and Sandra Tanner. Includes a chapter on the Book of Mormonoffsite.
Christian How to Witness to Mormonsoffsite PDF file by Jerry and Dianna Benson. Include a chapter on the Book of Mormon.
Christian Mormon Claims Answeredoffsite by Marvin Cowan. Chapter 4offsite deals with the Book of Mormon
Christian Where Does It Say That?offsite
Scanned pages of original Mormon historical sources, such as the first edition of the Book of Mormon, Journal of Discourses, and rare 19th century Mormon newspapers and diaries, that document the Adam-God doctrine, prophecies of Joseph Smith, the various First Vision accounts, etc.

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