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Bible Versions


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- Articles -
Christian Gender-Inclusive (Inclusive-Language) Bibles. Articles and papers presenting various viewpoints with regard to inclusive-language Bible versions
Christian Go Ahead, Offend MeOff-site Link On gender-inclusive Bible versions. By Frederica Mathewes-Green, syndicated columnist and a commentator for National Public Radio.
Christian The Jesus of the Annotated Dake Reference Bible By Jeff Spancer
Christian Let the Trumpet Sound a Clear Call: How Translations of the Word Are MadeOff-site Link By Curt Mortimer, writing in Cornerstone Magazine Click for more information on this entry
Christian New Age Bible Versions: A Critical ReviewOff-site Link Gail Riplinger's book reviewed by Bob and Gretchen Passantino
Christian New Age Bible Versions : Truth or Deception?Off-site Link Review and rebuttal to G.A. Riplinger's book, "New Age Bible Versions."
Christian New World TranslationOff-site Link Details the problems with this translation. The New World Translation is published by the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society, and is intended to justify certain doctrines of the Jehovah's Witnesses
Christian The Text of the New TestamentOff-site Link Discusses the textual evidence for the New Testament and demonstrates why we can have confidence that what we read in the Bible is what the original authors wrote.
Secular Translating The BibleOff-site Link 1985 Atlantic Monthly Magazine article. Part twoOff-site Link. Part threeOff-site Link.
Christian What's Wrong With Gender-Neutral Bible Translations?Off-site Link by Wayne Grudem, President of the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood
Christian Which Bible is the Word of God?Off-site Link Elgin Hushbeck Jr addresses KJV-only objections to new(er) translations
Christian Why So Many Versions?Off-site Link and which translation is best? by Daniel B. Wallace, Ph.D. Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, Dallas Theological Seminary
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• Charts
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Christian English Bible Translation ComparisonOff-site Link Brief information about various English-language Bible translations. Includes a resource to quickly compare specific verses found in various versions of the English Bible.
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- News Database -
Items added after August, 2002:
» Religion News Blog News Collection, various sources

Older Items:
(May 11, 1999) 'Cool' Bible launched in US
(Apr. 28, 1999) Protestants to publish Catholic Bible
(Apr. 10, 1999) From dads to students, there's a Bible for you
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- See Also -
» Dake Annotated Reference Bible
» King James Only-ism
» Gail Riplinger's "New Age Bible Versions" reviewed and rebutted.
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