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Some churches and individuals teach that Christians must be baptized in order to be saved. That teaching is aberrant at best, and heretical at worst.


Christian A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regeneration Local article.
Christian Is Baptism necessary for salvation?offsite Baptism and Romans 6:3-5
Christian The Gospel According to Oneness Pentecostalismoffsite One Man's Exodus from the United Pentecostal Church
Christian Placing Faith in the Baptizer; Not the Baptismoffsite Part of an extenstive site on the United Pentecostal Church
Christian Water Baptism and Salvationoffsite Systematic refutation of the Church of Christ's claim that water baptism is necessary for salvation.
Christian Why Was Jesus Baptized?offsite Article on the CARM site.
Christian You in Your Small Corner - the elusive dream of evangelical unityoffsite How baptism is a major obstacle to unity - an extract from the book You in Your Small Corner: The Elusive Dream of Evangelical Unityoffsite By Mark Johnston.


Christian A Study on Baptismoffsite (Alternative linkoffsite) by Prof. M.M.Ninan

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