Miraculous system crash, plus Christmas greetings

Greetings one and all,

We’ve had dozens of emails from people wondering when the next chapter of Ron Enroth’s online book Recovering From Churches That Abuse will be posted.

Indeed we are late in posting it, but as indicated here we expect to have it online no later than Dec. 14.

That said we’re also way behind on answering email. Here’s why:

At the end of last week we experienced a near-total computer crash, with something of a miraculous outcome.

While our C drive — along with almost every other component in our main system — got well and truly fried, all of our data, on internal and external disks, survived.

If you’ve ever lived through a computer crash you know the feeling… from the initial shock to the elation of finding your data intact!

So we thank God [I can almost see our atheist & agnostic visitors shake their heads…] and are now working at getting a replacement system on a crisis budget.

Since June 2008 we have operated without requesting donations toward the ongoing costs of operating Apologetics Index and its related websites. We intend to continue that policy — though designated gifts (either for offline or online ministry) remain welcome.

Meanwhile we’re limping along on a less-than-adequate backup desktop set, so please have patience with us :) From the looks of it, we’ll be fully back up and running some time in the first or second week of the new year.

Christmas Greetings

Whoever you are, and whatever religious background you may have: we wish our friends and guests a blessed Christmas time.

Be nice to each other, nurture your friendships and family relationships, and if at all possible do take some time to consider the reason for the season, as explained here by John McArthur:

Warm greetings from Amsterdam,

Janet and Anton

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