Foundation for a Drug-Free World

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World — at — is an anti-drug organization with links to and funded by the Church of Scientology.

As such it is considered one of the cult’s front groups.

The Church of Scientology has a history of unethical behavior, including history of hate- and harassment activities.

One of its front groups is involved in a long-running hate campaign against psychiatry and psychiatrists.

Scientology promotes the medical quackery thought up by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard. On this see, for instance:

• Medical claims within Scientology’s secret teachings

• Scientology verses Medicine

That’s a big problem when you consider the fact that these front groups have a history of infiltrating schools.

For information about drugs and drug addiction we recommend legitimate sources such as:

• TeensHealth: Drugs, what you should know

• Just Think Twice

• Get It Straight

• National Institute on Drug Abuse

If you need counseling or information about a drug abuse problem, for yourself or for someone else, you may wish to specify that you do not want to be referred to — or receive information from — any individual, clinic, organization or other entity that is linked to the Church of Scientology or its front groups in any way.

Be especially wary at any mention of the name L. Ron Hubbard, or Scientology terminology like ‘Dianetics’ or ‘Purification Rundown.’

In case of treatment always get a second opinion from a legitimate, trusted physician.

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