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What Generations Church
When ‘Planted’ April 1st, 2001 by Rich and Melissa Witmer
Where Yuma, Arizona
Who Pastor Rich and Melissa Witmer – Senior Pastors; Pastor Cal and Carolyn Witmer; Pastor Nate and Renee Shepherd; Pastor Sarah Goheen
Affiliation Generations Church is “a non-denominational Christian Church” and is “connected by relationship to Mission Charismatic International, of Bogota, Colombia. We are submitted to Pastor Richard Santiago and ultimately to Pastor Cesar Castellanos of MCI.”
Info Sources Information from the church’s official website

  • Generations Church describes itself as a “G12 based church.” [2] ‘Generations is a G12 church. G12 stands for Government of 12. It is a cell-structure in which “every believer is a leader of leaders.”‘[1] G12 is a controversial evangelism and discipleship program developed by Cesar Castellanos.
  • Cesar Castellanos, the ‘father of the G12 movement,’ appointed Generations Church head pastors Rich and Melissa Witmer as G12 coordinators of the Philippines. [1]
  • “Generations is also working and partnering with pastors and leaders in the nations of the Indonesia and Burma (Myanmar).” The focus there is said to be on church planting. [1]
  • Generations Church promotes prosperity theology [3] [video]
  • Generation Church Pastor Rich Witmer’s insulting comments [3] to a critic give additional pause for thought. [See Churches That Abuse]
  • – Sources: [1] Generatations Church official website; [2] Generations Church Twitter profile. [3] Generations Cult website

Our Comments

The publishers of Apologetics Index consider G12 to be an unbiblical system, driven by pressure and manipulation.

We have received a number of complaints regarding this church, largely to do with its emphasis on money (prosperity gospel), as well as the type of comments made by its pastor (example).

See Also


  • Generations Church G12 Cult [Contra] Not very subtle, but informative. Pastor Rich Witmer’s interactions with the operator of the site provide some background.

    This Web site is the result of my quest to expose what I believe is a cult that preys on young Marines and civilians in the Yuma community.

    I started on MySpace, where the head pastor himself, Rich Witmer, publicly berated me, called me names, and made threats against my Marine Corps career. His actions and words (and those of many members of the cult) are not only immature, but they are also very un-Christian. Examples of what they have said are located throughout this Web site.

    My goal is simple: I aim to increase awareness of the cult-like behavior of Generations Church.

  • Generations Church Official website for Generations Church, Yuma, Arizona


  1. Generations Church, Yuma, AZ - Research Resources
  2. Generations Church - Your Comments

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