White Supremacy

White supremacy is a racist world view that considers whites to be better than colored people.

White but not supreme

Ironically, the beliefs and actions of those who espouse this theory directly contradict their notion of supremacy. In other words, white supremacists espouse a self-defeating world view.

According to Wikipedia, “The term white supremacy is used in academic studies of racial power to denote a system of structural or societal racism which privileges white people over others, regardless of the presence or absence of racial hatred.” 1

White supremacists do not have a central authority figure or organisation that speaks for them. It is largely a grassroots movement — consisting of individuals and a fragmented collection of relatively small groups — whose spread has been aided greatly by the rise of the Internet.

Many white supremacy groups are part of the so-called Christian Identity movement, which claims that present day Anglo-Saxon people are direct descendants of the ancient Israelites, and have thus inherited all God’s promises to Abraham and his descendants.

Examples: KKK, Aryan Nations, 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, National Alliance, neo-nazism, and etcetera.



  • American Militias: Rebellion, Racism & Religion, by Richard Abanes, InterVarsity Press, Downer’s Gover, Illinois, 1996. Out of print, but second-hand copies are still available. Excellent introduction and overview.
  • In God’s Country : The Patriot Movement and the Pacific Northwest, by David A. Neiwert. Well-researched book by an expert in American right-wing extremism.
  • Religion and the Racist Right: The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement, by Michael Barkun. Barkun is professor of political science in the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs at Syracuse University, and is considered an expert in Christian Identity theology.
  • Soundtracks to White Revolution : White Supremacist Assaults on Youth Music Subcultures by Devin Burghart. Published in 1999, but though dated the book provides insight into one of the ways white supremacist ideologies are spread.

    Soundtracks to the White Revolution is a groundbreaking new 106-page book detailing the growth of the white power music scene, which become an international, multi-million dollar-a-year industry. Beginning with white power skinheads, the first subculture to fall victim to organized bigotry, the book also exposes entries into new subcultures like the national socialist black metal underground and the fascist experimental and apocalyptic folk scene. Highlighting music’s power as a recruitment tool and to create a culture of bigotry, Soundtracks points out that white power music has also worked to raise millions of dollars for white supremacists, acted as a model for violence, and helped build up a new, international network of white supremacists.
    – Source: Publisher’s description as posted at Amazon.com


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