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The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations is often referred to simply as the Embassy of God. It is headed by Sunday Adelaja, and headquartered in Kiev, Ukraine.

Its teaching and practices reflect those of Word-Faith theology, with an emphasis on positive confession which is to result in health and wealth.

Adelaja’s focus on money can be seen throughout his teachings, and in particular in his creation of “Club 1000” — a club of Christian millionairs. Adelaja said:

Most of you know for sure that I began a program, that is aimed at raising 1000 millionaires for the coming years. These millionaires will become the instrument for change and restoration of the country’s economy.

There will be no changes in the country if Christian businessmen of the new generation don’t grow. To accomplish this growth, I have held the seminar “Financial Independence” and wrote two books on this topic.

I have been giving special teachings on how to earn the first million and how to be successful.

To go further on this I want to create the club of Christian millionaires, called “Club 1000”. I invite all people who are called to restore a national economy to be participants of this club.

God gave me the Word that in the end time He wants to hand over riches to believers. This will not be possible without selling goods and services.

I know that many of you bought tapes on this topic. Today I continue to fulfill God’s Word by creating the “Club 1000”. This is the club of Christian businessmen of the new generation, who are called to spread the Kingdom of God and restore the country’s economy. It will not only happen in Ukraine, but also in other countries for those who receive this vision.

– Source: Address of Pastor Sunday about “Club 1000”

“Who is Sunday Adelaja, and What Does He Teach?”

Dimitry Rozet, senior researcher at the Center for Apologetics Research (CFAR) in St. Petersburg, Russia, examines the teachings of Sunday Adelaja, pastor of the Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations in Kiev, Ukraine.


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