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John Crowder – Your Comments

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  2. John Crowder - Your Comments

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8 Responses to “John Crowder – Your Comments”

  1. I think John Crowder isn't saved. His doctrine and behavior are contrary to Scripture and are in fact blasphemous. He is one of those mystical charismatics who do not love the God of the Bible, but worship their demonic and unbiblcal experiences. He and others like Todd Bentley, Ryan Wyatt, Joshua Mills and Patricia King are leading people into error with their damnable heresies. The have fashioned a god unto themselves in their own image and likeness. They exalt only themselves and have no regard for sound biblical teaching, unless it is taken out of context to suit their own deceitful lusts. I pray the Lord grants him repentance.

  2. Laura says:

    Forgive him father he knows not what he does. Have mercy on those that he misleads and that fall into this false teaching. That he will one day realize that salvation is not a joke and that he will answer for all those he misleads in the name of the Father.

  3. skeptic says:

    Theological boundaries for the Pentecostal/charismatic camps have been stretched out so much it now includes many odd, quirky personality types & manifestations & antics. It makes it much more attractive to extroverted types claiming they have the anointment & directive from God to make exaggerated claims while calling it ‘ministry’ or getting paid while peddling it thru books, tapes, CDs, DVDs, seminars, or traveling signs & wonders tours...

    Now it is true the conservative, non-charismatic types have their own brand of oddballs, but they seem much quicker to address such abuses & in getting the word out that no, this individual is not considered a bona-fide member of their particular denominational flavor & to cease-and-desist immediately.

    Pentecostal/AoG/charismatic expressions seem more interested in letting the ‘spirit’ loose than keeping unchecked character restrained. What results is the attention grabbing ministries become more a parody of the kingdom than what it is really about.

    Crowder is a prime example of AoG upbringing, indoctrination & ultimately a ‘top this’ attitude. He is making mysticism ‘hip’ for disinterested youth turned off by their grandma’s old time religion. I think he may have a sincere desire to repackage Christianity as a supernatural adventure instead of the dour go-thru-the-motions format it is measured against. Not sure such sincerity or zeal trumps reality & truth & a respectful representation of the kingdom though. After all, wacky is well, still wacky, no matter what spiritual spin is attached to it...

    Crowder is deliberate in offending the old guard. It is his act of religious martyrdom that legitimizes his claims in the eyes of the youth he wants to influence. Since I am an outsider looking in, I would say he is more goofy than genuinely Spirit inspired. More silly than sincere. More repellent than reverent.

    Should we be surprised? Nope. Has charismania taken on its own screwy identity? Yup. Can we get what we consider that ‘bad genie’ back into the bottle again? Nope.

    Ever consider the dear saints of old that were considered mystics? As far as I can determine, they were always the exception, never the rule. They may have been pious, but how much of what they experienced was genuine or a personality quirk or a result of an austere lifestyle where severe asceticism was the norm? How much was hallucination vs. divine encounter? We only have their stories to appreciate. There is no way to look into the claims with our current understanding of personality disorders or how physical deprivation affects the mind. Before all you charismatics jump all over my case, let me state plainly that I can accept their stories without translating that into the new bandwagon everyone gets to climb aboard to get a good toke of the Holy Ghost...

    Once you’ve set a theological precedent of the exception & claim it is the right of every believer to have the same or even greater experiences, it sets people up for a grand disappointment & is spiritually dangerous & irresponsible IMHO.

    There are going to be exaggerated claims of God doing this, or instigating that, or moving here, or breaking out there, or stirring up revival here, or doing new/strange things in the inner rooms until the end I suppose. And not all such claims will be insincere or improper. Yet I do think the approach needs to be the more sober one. Test it. Speak up about it. Point out any inherent problems. Challenge the claims. But as it is in the secular realm it is a ‘buyer beware’ world we live in with its myriad brands of snake oil being peddled today. The ranks of the disappointed glam-glory chasers are growing. Post-charismatics are speaking up more. And it will be those that want to reestablish the authentic gift expressions sans the silly hype that will create a soft place to land for those that end up flying higher than was spiritually prudent...

    RE: Bentley & Crowder...there are some commonalities yet I do not sense any character weaknesses in Crowder that Bentley has exhibited. But I don't want anything John is tokin' anymore than I want a 'BAM-A-DOODLE' from Todd...

  4. Lafe says:

    People: This is a no brainer. Test the spirit by the Spirit. That is how we gain discernment and knowledge. It does not come via fleshly experiences where we are delirious in the Spirit and claim that whatever happens in that mind set is permissible. Unless you use the Word of God as a template
    to test all can fall prey to anyone yelling..."this is the Spirit of God, come on in!"
    Regardless of your desire to see "signs and wonders" and have heavenly experiences, be forewarned that the Word of God is your only safeguard against any excesses and unless you are willing to commit yourself to Bible Study and prayer and seek out the safety that is found in mature saints and their advice, you could end up being a camp follower of the John Crowders and the Todd Bentleys
    and the Marilyn Hickeys and Fred Prices of the world. If your ears are itchy, don't scratch them!
    Lift up the Lord Jesus Christ and Him only and contend for the faith (Jude)!

  5. Garrett says:

    It's amazing how many of these folks pass through (or originate from) Homer, Alaska. Crowder and company are just a few among many, all of whom seem to subscribe to a "faith" that is rather different than what the bible describes.

    In scripture, there is generally a sense that when one communicates with God, it is with a sense of humility, awe and reverence. But for Crowder and his ilk, things seems to be quite a bit more cavalier, as evidenced by phrases like, "Okey-dokey, Lord."

    Using the term "possession" in the jocular way he does in the video, comes across as mocking the more proper (and very real) meaning of the term.

    Also, seeing as God upholds the Government and laws of the land in scripture, one has to wonder if there's really much humor in Crowder's reference to "Jehovajuana". However he meant it, associating God's name with something that is illegal in many countries and in the minds of many, equates to substance abuse problems, hardly seems useful (or wise).

    Bottom line--- Whereas scripture adjures believers to "come out from the world" so that their visibly different lives can be a "light" to nonbelievers, the "New Mystics"/"Prophets" seem to do away with the need to be different from the world... If you do things like show little reverence for God & scripture, associate God's name with illegal activities & substance abuse issues, etc., how is that different from the (unbelieving) world?

    Hopefully genuine believers will recognize this and not be deceived.
    And hopefully, Crowder and company will someday repent.

  6. Ash says:

    Why are we JUDGING THEM?
    We are reminded in Matthew 7:1:
    "Do not judge, or you too will be judged."

    Also, that quoted text from 1 Timothy 4:2-4?
    It's misquoted- it should be 2 Timothy 4:2-4...which, is funny, because in 1 Timothy 4:4, it states:
    "For everything GOD created is GOOD, and nothing is to be REJECTED if it is received with Thanksgiving..."

    Personally, I think in this day and age, too many have strayed TOO FAR from the word of the Lord and at least this is will lead them to seek JESUS and the Heavenly Father, and we need HIS presence more than EVER. John Crowder isn't preaching a religion, he's preaching to those that are more broken than you and I are. We are to LOVE THEM, especially since they, too, were made by the GLORY OF GOD.

    Keep softening hearts, Mr. Crowder, however you may- animal sounds and all. Let those who NEED the Lord SEEK HIM. In this, they will FINALLY and FAITHFULLY find HIM. After all, isn't that what TRULY matters?

  7. Ash, they are being judged because it is Biblical to do so. You need to read -- and apply -- Matthew 7:1 in context. Just a few verses later Jesus talks about true and false prophets, and true and false disciples. How are you going to know the difference if you cannot or will not judge?

    The Bible clearly says that Christian ought to grow in discerment:

    Those who refuse to judge -- using your type of reasoning -- reject what the Bible teaches about discernment. After all, you cannot be discernment without judging:

    Some resources on judging:

  8. carol says:

    WOW!!! all I wanted was to know the truth. Most if not all of the ministers, pastors, teachers, all transcribe the bible into saying what they want it to say, what will benefit them and their ministry, will buy them a house, a new car, nice cloths. Im sick of it do ya hear. all I want to know is the TRUTH. teach me the truth not some twisted version. why do we have to make things so difficult. Jesus was NOT difficult, his message was not difficult. you have all these "kooks" creating ministries because there is so much money to be had. Give me your money, even if you are months behind on your mortgage.....dont worry bout it...your electric gunna be turned off on Monday.....dont worry bout it just give it up to the church anyway. Im so done with it ya know. I am a christian, I am secure in my salvation, but I continue to have a problem, as I had when I was a young girl questioning the beliefs of the catholic church,with ALL the christian teachers of our day. All I want to know and be taught is the TRUTH. I guess it will be my life long search. wonder if I will ever find the one person who speaks the absolute truth about my Jesus, and about what his word is saying to us or trying to show us.

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