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Mark Driscoll – Comments

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9 Responses to “Mark Driscoll – Comments”

  1. Ben K says:

    Why do they call him the cussing pastor? I've been going to MH for almost 3 years and never heard him swear in a sermon.

  2. I have attended a chuch plant by this movement in San Diego. While I do not ascribe to the full 5 points of Calvinism I do believe this is what we need to hear. I think we have to change with the times b while never changing the lines of old that God has sent. My wife and I while attending Kaleo church in San Diego I see now how God grew my wife and myself. I grew even though I did not agree with all that was taught. So I would say "Keep up te great work Mark of stiring the Christians!" we need to wake up and start thinking. I beleve this is what Mark does for people.

    Shawn Thornton

  3. Christa says:

    He speaks the truth, look at the scripture. pre-destination is not that God chose people for hell, He just knew which people would deny Him and which people would follow Him. God did not create us for Hell and Driscoll has never said that.

  4. Bruce McIlhaney says:

    It seems to me that the Calvinist way to salvation is kind of emotional and Zen-like. Like the zen question of the Goose in the Bottle, the goose gets out of the bottle and our Calvinist souls get to heaven because we want them to.

  5. Lorian says:

    Mark Driscol does in fact teach divine election in the vein of Jonathan Edwards et al. Calvinism however is so misrepresented and misunderstood by most of mainstream evangelicalism that it takes a lot of educating to give people a proper understanding of what it's all about. Mark does this well; not as well as some older more scholarly preachers, but good nonetheless.

    People hate Mark because of his big personality. His theology however is ultra conservative and Biblical and although he can be rough with his speech, he certainly doesn't cuss as some critics would have you believe.

  6. Rhonda Godfrey says:

    I was heavily involved in a third wave neo-pentecostal church for five years where I never really heard the gospel preached. Through God's providence I began to listen to Mark Driscoll's podcasts and for the first time heard sound doctrine. There is nothing emotional and Zen-like about Mark's preaching compared to some of the stuff I've listened to in church. Now I'm in a sound biblical church because of solid preachers like Mark Driscoll who aren't afraid to preach Jesus!

  7. David says:

    I have no problem with Calvanism (our church preaches predestination, but is very evangelist), but I do have a problem with Mark Driscoll. I went along to his Burn Your Plastic Jesus talk at Brisbane last year and some of his teaching was clearly wrong. He basically said that if you are single, get married, and get a full time job. This was his solution to struggling with porn.

  8. Appreciate the article on Driscol. After 17 years of serving as an Academic Theologian contextualized in 35 years of Pastoral service, I must say I am one of Marks greatest fans. His two books two books on "Reformission" were therapeutic for me personally.

  9. As a mental health counselor and a survivor of spiritual abuse, I perceive many signs of cult like control and spiritual abuse at Mars Hill Church: Controlling Pastor (Driscoll) with “Yes Men” Elders; No Talk Rule; No Dissent; Emphasis on Submission and Obedience; Shunning of "Unrepentant" Former Members; Dis-fellowshipping “Questioners” and Critical Thinkers; By-Laws Removing Accountability of Pastor/Elders; Mind and Thought Control; Membership Covenant and Financial Giving Pledge Required; "Biblical" Counseling Only, if Referred Out, Must Sign Release Form (no confidentiality allowed); Kangaroo Court Firing of Two Elders Who Dared to Question; Extreme Gender Role Enforcement; Members Must Attend Accountability/”Community” Groups… Scary!

    I have been surprised at the responses to Mars Hill by Christian critics who ONLY point out that he cusses or wears “offensive” t-shirts, or because he encourages wine/beer drinking. Big deal, really, when considering his cult-like control in an extremely abusive system. I wish I could post my blog spot here, wherein I have written out my former experience with Mars Hill (though it was brief, it was quite informative) and the research I've been doing. I have found places on the web where former members have explained what really happened in the bogus firing of two elders, the bi-laws scandal (these give Driscoll all the power, as he is now surrounded by 4 'Yes Men' on the board, and Driscoll has tenure), their suffering serious oppression as females, about other members being ousted for “the sin of questioning” as Driscoll called it, etc…

    The new Bi-Laws also list member requirements: they must agree to ALL the church doctrine (obedience and submission to the Elders is emphasized repeatedly, as is absolute wifely submission to husbands, as well as ultra Calvinism); they must not discuss concerns w/ other members (let alone outsiders!) as that is "divisiveness"; they must sign away their rights to legal counsel in regards to the church (that is if they are abused by the church and/or by leadership they cannot retain a lawyer!); they must sign over all rights to confidentiality in counseling should they seek not only Mars Hill "counseling," but psychological therapy by a professional (and I truly hope ALL therapists would decline such an intrusive, abusive agreement)--and why does Driscoll insist on this stripping of all members of their mental health privacy? "Because we want to be able to find out what's going on," that is, they want to CONTROL their members in all aspects of their lives; the members sign an agreement to financial support Mars Hill regularly and sacrificially, and they are sent quarterly reminders (they will be "disciplined" for not keeping up with their "commitment"); they must donate time to serve regularly; they must participate in a small "community group" where they must confess their sins to be "held accountable.”

    Frankly I am appalled and deeply concerned by this place and by Driscoll’s controlling/abusive tendencies and by the fact that the Christian community has by and large failed to call him out on it… instead they get all caught up in his t-shirts and a little cussing here and there… This is why I’ve made such a strong stand on my blog spot—to protect the public from this abusive system and to help members get free and to support those who are trying to recover.

    Read Dr. Enroth's book, Churches That Abuse; and VanVonderen's book, The Subtle Power of Spiritual Abuse; do research on the internet, hopefully you will find some good sites that discus spiritual and church abuse, and there is at least one that references my web site about specifics re: Mars Hill Church Abuse.

    One former member posted this elsewhere: “This place is a cult and I am saying this from years of experience with Mars Hill as a member who used to love this place; follow them blindly and function as a "serving member” if you are a baby Christian.

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