Offline Ministry

As we mentioned last year, our vision is to do what we’re already doing, but to do so on a somewhat larger scale. We are still praying for a larger house somewhere in downtown Amsterdam that can be turned into a home-based ministry center.

We would especially like to be able to offer hospitality to more people. People stay with us for different reasons. Some people stay with us for a while because they need a place where they can take a ‘time out’ and come to rest. This often involves counseling and ministry. Others stay with us on their way through Amsterdam (or simply while visiting our wonderful city). Yet others need a place to stay while they’re between places. Whatever the reason, we enjoy the company and love to minister God’s grace and mercy to any and all visitors.

A number of fellow Christians are prayerfully supporting our vision, and in recent months we have had some encouraging talks with other Christian ministries and individuals in Amsterdam.

In April this year our friend and co-worker Ian Reilly moved from Belfast, Northern Ireland, to Amsterdam in order to join the ministry of our House Church.

A roofer and builder by trade, Ian is a dynamic one-on-one evangelist and a gifted worship leader. He works as a builder, evangelizes in his unique style, and operates as an ‘ambassador’ for Bethlehem House Church.

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