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  • Review of The Voice New Testament – Part Oneoffsite by Chris Rosebrough, Extreme Theology (blog)

    I recently purchased a copy of this fresh “dynamic translation” of Bible and spent some time doing comparative work with key passages of the New Testament from The Voice, The ESV and the Greek text. Sadly I must report that this new Emergent “translation” is so far off the mark that I think one could reasonably argue that by producing their own distorted version of the Bible the Emergent church has crossed the line from being a ‘movement’ to actually becoming a cult.

    Over the next few posts I will review selected passages of scripture from The Voice. The passages that I’ve selected touch on important non-negotiable Christian doctrines. As you will see, The Voice inserts peculiar teachings into the text that do not belong. The end result of these ‘insertions’ is a text that obscures the gospel, distorts Jesus substitutionary work on the cross, teaches Pelagianism and promotes a liberal form of works Righteousness.

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