Online Ministry

Last year we mentioned that we would add a website called Unfortunately we have not got around to doing so. We do prayerfully plan to put that site online within the next few months, though.

The site -which will take advantage of our new content management system – will highlight resources that deal with spiritual abuse and abusive churches. simply provides information about the church that meets in our living room. The biblical concept of ‘church’ is not a building, but rather two or more Christians who meet together in Jesus’ name. Hence we don’t ‘go to church,’ ‘do church,’ or ‘have church.’ Rather, as Christians we are the church – in our case one small expression of the body of Christ.

We look to the New Testament church as a pattern for our fellowship, providing a nurturing community centered around mutual love, accountability and shared life.

We also have relationships of mutual accountability with fellow Christians outside of our house church.

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