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Countless people are – or have been – caught up in manipulative cults, abusive churches, or destructive relationships (so-called ‘one-on-one cults’). Many make it out by themselves, or with the help of friends and family. Others need intervention and/or follow-up counseling.

When you need help, you’ll run into terms like: ‘cult expert,’ ‘thought reform consultant,’ ‘exit counselor,’ ‘intervention specialist,’ etcetera. We’ll tell you what those terms mean.

As in every line of work, among ‘cult experts’ one can find

a) effective, ethical professionals and other experts, as well as

b) loose canons, charlatans and well-willing incompetents.

We are currently in the process of setting up Once the site is fully up and running it will provide a handy guide to professional and lay cult experts, exit-counselors as well as ex-cult support organizations and individuals.

Incidentally, to those who have asked: Janet and I provide ex-cult counseling on a very limited basis – usually in the context of our house church. As a licensed mental health counselor, Janet – who works with Holland’s primary shelter organization for abused women – also provides professional counseling services on a limited basis. Her specific areas of expertise include – but are not limited to – dealing with abusive relationships (and other relationship problems), spiritual abuse, depression (and other personal problems). She is fluent in Dutch and English.

Note that, due to the nature and extend of our online and offline ministries – coupled with our health limitations – we normally refer people to other professional and lay counselors.

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