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This year Religion News Blog has become one of the most popular web sites providing news with a specific focus on religious cults and sects, world religions, and various related faith issues. What sets Religion News Blog apart is the fact that it allows people to see stories in context. It is easy to find additional articles on the same topic or issue, and most news items include links to relevant research resources at Apologetics Index.

Used by Christians and non-Christians alike, this service results in lots of positive feedback from religion professionals, reporters, authors, academics, Christian ministers and many others.

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We started our Cult FAQ site due to the popularity of the cult and sect ‘definitions’ section that used to be part of Apologetics Index.

While still small, has become a handy and appreciated reference source.

We intend to further develop the site with additional resources. In the course of the new year, CultFAQ will be ported over to our new content management system, which will enable us to easily add and update entries.

The site will also be integrated with our soon-to-be-published database of cult experts:

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