Canada’s polygamy dilemma: prosecution or tolerance?

In November, 2012, Supreme Court of British Colombia, Canada, Chief Justice Robert Bauman in a landmark decision ruled that Canada’s ban of polygamy does not violate the country’s Charter of Rights. The ruling cites harms to women, children and society that result from the practice.

Links to a series of news articles chronicling Canada’s approach to its polygamous communities:

“If B.C. [British Columbia, Canada] charges either or both of Bountiful’s leaders, Winston Blackmore and Jim Oler, with the criminal offence of practising polygamy and loses, it opens the door for the free practise of plural marriage in the guise of religion. If B.C. loses, it could even open the door to other repugnant practices, such as female genital mutilation. Certainly, Muslim groups are anxiously watching to see what happens.”

– Source: Bountiful case has wide ramifications for Canadian law, Vancouver Sun, Canada, July 13, 2007