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Encountering G12 – Your Comments

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  1. Encountering G12 - Analyzing the "Cellular Vision" of César Castellanos
  2. Encountering G12 - The Vision
  3. Encountering G12 - The Encounter
  4. Encountering G12 - Conclusion; Authors; Credits
  5. Encountering G12 - Footnotes
  6. Encountering G12 - Your Comments

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46 Responses to “Encountering G12 – Your Comments”

  1. Suzanne Cardegan says:

    Thanks for a great article. I had heard that the G12 program was controversial, but did not learn the details until now.

    I am going to show this article to my pastor. He knows another pastor who has expressed interest in G12.

  2. Devin Tarr says:

    I'm concerned that many of the examples given as to why G12 is overly pressuring are atypical and do not represent actual teachings of the G12 leadership. It would be nice to see more of a consensus of what often happens at the encounter process for example than what has happened. As I'm sure we all know, there can be abuses among any Church, but I personally am weary of generalization - especially considering there is no mention of the doctrine that G12 believes in and the doctrine stated by the G12 website: is all biblical. Additionally, my understanding of this vision is that it is a Church growth strategy, not a new doctrine.

    with best wishes and warmest regards,

  3. Annette Alvarenga says:

    Wow!! I have a hard a hard time believing that some churches under G12 would do what the things set out in this article. I went to an encounter more than 4 years ago (although I did not belong to that particular church) and it did change my life dramatically. There was secret about where we were going. We are told exactly where we would be staying and given a phone number to leave with our family members incas eof an emergency. Nothing was taken from me or anyone else (I got to keep my cell phone and only asked to keep the sound off.) The extreme things described in this article never happened (tape recordings of abuse, etc.) What did happen was that I did in fact have a personal encounter with God and he called me into ministry.

    Since then, I have participated in organizing encounters and serving at encounters and, again, none of these extremes ever happen. People are not asked to write their names on "clinicas" nor are they asked to carry it around. On the contrary, they are specifically told not to place their names on them as it is personal between them and God. No one is led through "regression" or told that they were not wanted at birth, etc. If this is in fact happenning in other churches, I would agree that it is a form of psychological abuse. In fact, it is not psychological abuse that is experienced but rather healing from the abuses received in the past. It is done in a loving and compassionate manner and I personally have seen hot it has changed hundreds of lives, as it did my own.

    More than anything else, I believe the G12 is simply a structure for church growth and provides a method to reach out to others and bring them to a personal relationship with Christ and subsequently help them grow in their faith to become mature and effective christians, something most churches, unfortunately, fail to provide after a new convert receives Christ (after 1 weekend encounter and attending a cell group for a few months, I grew more than I had in 6 years attending church every Sunday from my conversion).

    I do ope that the examples given in this article are not what is happening in most G12 churches that have adopted this model. For those are are engaing in this, I would question whether they are G12 churches or if they have adopted the name and have resorted to something that has never been part of the G12 model. I have read the book which teaches how to do an encounter and nothing contained therein even comes close to what has been described.

    I hope this can clear any misconceptions peolpe may have about G12 churches. I can only state that had I experienced what has been described in the article, I would never have remained in the church. Had I not been told where I was being taken, I would not have participated in the encounter. Had I been told I had to surrender all of my things, I would have bolted from the conference. And had I been been subjected to such audio recordings, etc., I would have demanded my money back and demanded to be returned home.

  4. Annette Alvarenga says:

    There was a typo in my comment. It should state, "there was NO secret about where we were going."

  5. Eugene says:

    My Russian speaking church in Chicago area (USA)is 3 years old and we joined G12 vision 2 years ago. I got saved 4 years ago and most of the people in church are first generation Christians in a tough for gospel Chicago area. That is all thanks to application of G12. While studying in school of leaders I also got my masters degree from good local university, have a good job and I'm a webmaster for website I formed and lead the cell group myself. Also I go to help at encounters.

    There is nothing miraculous about G12 - it is a strategy and a plan, where everything clearly laid out. There are no secrets. Everybody can go to site, read the principles, testimonies, see photos from church and encounters, come to church and talk to actual people. I.e. it is all transparent. Vision motivates and focuses on bringing people to Christ and fulfilling their purpose in life, which is most important. My pastor cares about me and helps me spiritually grow. I do same for people in my group - call them, go out with them, pray for them, inspire and encourage them, teach them, help them. People from other churches whom I know - they don't have it. I have interesting and filled life being "Sent" to the world to look for people for Christ.

    My pastor has a pastor, who is in international G12 of Cesar Castellanos. My pastor is happy that he is not alone and has his leader.
    What else can I say to advocate the G12 vision? Just don't be unbelievers, but believers. Become Jesus Christ's deciples and do work for Him in the way he showed it to do. God bless you.

  6. Paul mahendran says:

    Praise God for the work you are doing.My name is Paul mahendran and i am from S'pore. I am a Missionary and serving God in Mindanao ,Philippines. I was shocked to hear that there is another G12 that is also know as Encounter God's Retreat which has become very popular in the place that i am at present. They have the same teachings of G12 but they are using props like a black Cross and also nails with red ink at the end.the nails are used to prick their palms until they felt the pain and to kfeel how Jesus felt the pain.Many churches are involved. I am against it and has taught to many who have attended this EGR seminar.They are against me too and telling that i am the only one that is against this teaching.I hope to hear from you to refute this teaching and which is the site that can help me so that i can bring the pure Gospel of Jesus Christ. Please help me.

    God bless
    Paul m

  7. Kenny says:

    i want to read the 2nd part of this..

    i'm part of a G-12 church, and i also belong to a 12.. i encounter some of the issues presented here. but i was shocked of the extreme cases. actually G12 is good. but i need to know G12 in view of the bible because i'm afraid we'll be unbiblical.. but really it's good. and oh, one feels pressure when the outward motivation is far greater than one's personal motivation to WIN SOULS AND MAKE DISCIPLES!

  8. Sarah Hernandez:) says:

    Thank you for your article. I have been oppressed for two years in a G12 church and recently felt it was becoming cult like. Thank you for confirming my suspicions its good to know I'm not alone!

    Praise God who gives us free will

  9. Don says:

    I live in Yuma, Az., USA, where the G12 model is paracticed at a church called Generations. G12 Pastor, Rich Witmer and hench men, can be best described in Jude,--"For there are certain men crept in unawares, who were before of old ordained to this condemnation, ungodly men, turning the grace of our God into lasciviousness, and denying the only Lord God, and our Lord Jesus Christ." Jude 1:4
    G12, "the Vision", the "method", and belonging is merely idol worship.
    Scripture is twisted to conform to the mission of their heresy. When any G12ers are encountered by myself or any other mature Christian, they are unable to reason or think on their own. When, so called, "leaders" are confronted, they regurgitate the man made undersatanding of "those in authority" over them, never what the Scriptures say. They can not and will not "reason" together. They are kept soooo busy, and directed as to what to read in devotions, they are not encouraged to take the time to "Search the scriptures", to see if their teachers are teaching truth. The "leaders" make merchandise of the unsuspecting, living a jet-setting, sportcar driving, lifestyle, while those who are struggling are told, "they do not have enough faith, the have not tithed enough, their finances are cursed, or there is sin in their life." THIS IS NOT WHAT GOD'S WORD TEACHES! --"And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you: whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not." 2 Peter 2:3-- "In this life there will be struggles!"
    God's words will not return void, regardless if a jack-ass or these G12 heretics, speaks them. Witmer sends his skimply clad young girls to the Marine base across the road to lure the prey to Generations church. Castellono, Witmer and the rest of the apostates lace enough scripture to appeal to the seekers, then oppress them with method, at the threat of exclusion! This is man and man's methods in "building the church." This movement is simply a precursor and part of the woman (the apostate church) that is described in the book of Revelation 17.
    Young people, FLEE!!, from this non-sense. The only souls and disciples the G12ers are intrested in winning, are those who "Submit to their athourity" and serve this demonic idol and their leaders. Jesus said, "Do not be called leaders; there is but one Leader, that is Christ." Matthew 23:10 (NASB)
    Jesus says, "Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened." Matthew 7:7-8 (KJV)
    Follow Jesus, not man. Search the scriptures to see if what is being taught is true. Pray that His Holy Spirit shows you the truth, for the Truth shall set you free and you will be free indeed!
    Be Blessed, Be Free!

  10. Jeannette says:

    I was involved in a church that has the G12 vision and to be honest I honestly don't believe in this time of method because Jesus never had any strategies or didn't need any. I am grateful that I am out of this church because I find that people in this type of church growth can bring alot of pride and they start smothering you and the leaders want to know everything about your life and they don't mind their own business. I loved the people I met but I find this very unhealthy. We all need our personal walk with God and we should be not be taken by the hand at every move we make, how can we experience God when there is always a leader talking on this behalf. I woudln't recommend it unless if you don't mind be smothered of course. I believe in following Jesus only and not any kind of leader or whoever claims to be a leader. Jesus is the only teacher and he said so himself and he brought us the word as his teachings, why should man add to it. Its pretty complete if you ask me. The church are starting to be very cultish and money-grabbing. They want you to tithe your 10% and they make you into 2x the child of hell that you were before you knew christ, jesus said it and I became that way when I left. Thank God I am free and I will walk with God alone. Blessings!

  11. Jennifer Ward says:

    This is an e-mail that I received from Pastor Rich Witmer G-12 Yuma, AZ yesterday. Witmer sent this e-mail to me after I had written him with grave concerns of the G-12 church that I attended until recently.

    Hi Jen,

    3 Things:

    1. I am in the Philippines for 19 days. We are meeting with 1,000s of pastors.

    2. My son has an amoebic parasite and we have been with him constantly when we are not ministering.

    3. You have confirmed my initial feeling about you: You are a rebel and an enemy of the Kingdom of God.

    I will be at WOFC in October. If you are there, I will be glad to prophesy over you. You will not enjoy the prophecy. Problems in the Church can be fixed. Problems in your character will destroy your life. You are a rebel. I will be glad to forward your emails to Pastor Ryan to ensure that he knows that you are a traitor to the Body of Christ. Thanks for reading the books and ignoring the priniciples.

    You obviously are only concerned about those things in your own backyard to think that your concerns go to the top of my priority list. Repent while you have a chance.....

    Don't go away mad... just go away.

    Ps Rich Witmer
    Mark 9:23

    The experiences that I have had in this church are horrific to say the least.

  12. phil says:

    As Bob Dylan sang many years ago

    How many years can a mountain exist
    Before its washed to the sea?
    Yes, n how many years can some people exist
    Before theyre allowed to be free?
    Yes, n how many times can a man turn his head,
    Pretending he just doesnt see?
    The answer, my friend, is blowin in the wind,
    The answer is blowin in the wind.

    What will it take for others who have manipulated so many to the G12 dogma to see the error of their ways? many years ago there was the Shepherding movement, these people in my opinion are no different. Paul the Apostle had many detractors and opposers which he faced, one in Alexander in 2 Tim 4:14,15, "Alexander the coppersmith did me much evil: the Lord will render to him according to his works: of whom do thou also beware (the King James Version "of whom be thou ware also"); for he greatly withstood our words."
    Interesting that Paul names him and shames. Today we are frightened by litigation to emntion those who may be causing us trouble and harm for fear of a lawsuit. Amazing then that Paul gives us a wonderful insight into his thinking, he may have forgiven but he certainly hadn't forgotten. God warns the Israelites ' lest you forget', the communion table is about remembering.

    It would be irresponsible for me not to forget the harm and hurt that G12 has brought upon myself and family. I forgive their actions, 'they know not what they do' but lest i fall into the same trap i can't forget, unfortunately the price of G12 was too high for me to pay.

    G12 is not just another model, these people in my opinion are deluded meaning well, but not motivated by the love of God and if we have not love then we are nothing.


  13. Godlovesme says:

    This is the name of the pastor Rich Witmer he is the G12 Coordinator in the Philippines..yes trully he is cult! so Pastor's from Philippines becareful because you don't know this Pastor. for more info here's the website who he is..

  14. Jack says:

    Wow....I had no idea that this "movement" was so cultic in nature. My old church embraced this system in the late 80's early 90's and was consequently split into 3 different churches. The so called "mother church" no longer exsists. What is NOTHING. The 3 different churches that came out of this "movement" are nothing but irrelevant. The vibrant ministry that this church at one time had, is no more. I'm now beginning to see some real damage that has been done to the church because of this....and I'm very happy that I got out of it before it pulled me in. Unfortunately...there are still many trapped in this very dangerous cult. Thanks for your research on this.

  15. C.D.Smith says:

    Hi my name is C.D. Smith im from Marina Ca (Monterey Bay) I was caught in g-12 for about 5 years and went to 3 so-called encounters. As I grew in my walk for God I started to see many unbiblical things within this movement, so i started praying for truth. I was seeing how this movement was based upon a extra-biblical vision and how scriptures were being perverted to make it work to their advantage. There is alot of manipulation and deception to get people to go to the encounters a tactic that is never seen in scripture, its based on emotionalism and experience then the SOLID DOCTRINES OF GODS WORD. I fear for the men in this movement and i fear for the followers as well. I pray that whoever is in this movement would leave and flee that heretic false sect.

  16. Dennis Y. Philippov says:

    It is a very disturbing to see the results in 1,5 years as the G12 vision was adapted through the Russian speaking Church in Woodinville WA and had been exported to the Baptist Churches in Russia at Kirov Region. At first we went through the major split and still in the process of recovery. Besides the mental and spiritual damages that was caused by Encounter procedure, the second issue really concerns me the most. We have “encountered” a problem that is unheard of: It is a suicide rate among the Christians and those that were involved in Encounter. I am really looking forward to read a Part II where will be analyzed some of the movement’s problematic doctrines and practices in the light of Scripture.

  17. Fiona says:

    The G12 system is growing where I live, and I was in it a couple of years ago. I would like to see a sequel to this story. G12 seems to turn sweet little storefront communities of Christians into mass-production systems where peopel come out alike and my experience was a lot of pressure to give up critical thinking and individuality. I never went to the Encounter. Now I'm glad. I've found a church that values all the gifts the Lord gives us, including our uniqueness and rationality, and my real healing is happening fast. I miss my friends back there --they were closer than my real family -- but I had to look for the real truth, and I've found it elsewhere.

  18. Jeannette says:

    I had friends too that I loved very much but as soon as I left the church they haven`t spoken to me much nor have they called me. I had a leader who called me up and told me ''even if i don`t call doesnt mean that i dont love you'' I said to myself ''its like that verse that says if you dont have love, you are just a sounding gong'' I feel very sorry for them, I miss them but I had to sacrifice those friendships for real truth. I did feel pulled at times because I missed them but I knew better not to go back because I knew those were not Jesus teachings. I prefer losing many friends to keep my only friend: Jesus. I pray for their own deliverance, that one day God will open their eyes to the truth.

  19. Andrew Girvin (youth leader) says:

    Iv been a christian for around 12 years and this G12 is the best form of outreach out there (i only found that out in April 08). Tell me, if we are not encouraged by the leadership (that God has placed in these positions) to tell people of Christ and what He has done for us and even better has got planned for us, then can we really be followers of Christ? In most work places they have targets to meet, so, at the end of their week or month they get their due monies - as Christians are target is it to prevent as many people as physically possible from going to hell (and yes there is a rush because time is very very short), our reward is therefore eternal far more important than anything else this world offers. Iv been on the encounter weekend and believe me none of that stuff happened on ours, the weekend changed my whole outlook on how we set ourselves up as Christians and as the result of that i have seen some of my family commit to Christ and a few of my friends who by the way go to different churches, not just mine. Ask yourself this: How many people am i gonna win for Christ this year - how many lives am i going to change and help. THE GREAT COMMISION says it all, we will ALL have to give an account to Jesus on how we portrayed ourselves, how we reacted to situations, what we said about others (including Gods leadership, whether we agreed with them or not), how did we serve others and im sure there's more but read Matthew ch25 v31-46 sheep & goats, also Matthew ch7 v18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit (G12 vision), please read this final verse, it's important that you know Philemon 1 v4-6. From the previous comments, guys do not tar everyone with the same brush, your expierences are something only you can work out but it still comes down to seeing the lost won, Jesus didnt die on the Cross for us to sit on our backsides patting ourselves on the back and letting someone else always volunteer, there's a job to do and very little time to do it, whether G12 or local church we have a global goal, one common denominator, the Kingdom - and populating it. May you all (agreed or not) be blessed and recieve all what Christ has for you, in this world and the next.

  20. Bianca says:

    I have been attending the G12 church Generations for almost five years now and have seen how effective this vision is. Each member of the church gets one on one ministry with a leader. The church is now at 1,400 people. Thats amazing. How many churches can you say that have that many people in them and all members get one on one ministry. I do not think that G12 is the only way but I do believe it is the most effective way. Pastor Rich Witmer lays his life down for people to know Jesus and the type of car he drives should not be an issue. If my Pastor is going to preach about prosperity I sure would like to see it evident in his life. I dont want my Pastor to tell me that if I am faithful God will bless me while he is driving a pinto and living in a trailer. It is encouraging to know that through faithfulness to God I can be blessed too.

  21. Don Woods says:

    G12: Impostor/Pastor Rich Witmer of Yuma Party Pics:

    Where The $$$$$$$$$$$ Really Goes:

    John at has bravely documented the unethical/possibly illegal activity of one of g12's impostor/pastors in the following

    John says:

    "I have collected various photos of Rich Witmer and his gang from publicly accessed Web sites. Their frequent vacations to various high-class resorts and locals should raise the awareness and concern of those they prey upon. If you have some photos that reveal Witmer as the charlatan that he is, please e-mail them to me at

    First, here's Mr Greed (Witmer) himself, childishly excited about the new BMW he bought with church tithes.

    One of many SCUBA-diving trips the Witmers treat themselves to.

    Diving in Maui.

    Another vacation ... I think this is Las Vegas. Sin much? By the way, this is the "before" pic.

    This is the "after" pic. Fake pastors (and fake boobs) on vacation. Who paid for those implants anyway? Hmm ... makes one wonder. Tithes?

    That hair is really bad. But the pool looks nice -- and expensive. Obviously very high-maintenance.

    Rich Witmer: An overweight Bully hanging out in Maui.

    A mission to Bali? Or a vacation? Not hard to tell what's really going on . . . Who paid for those implants anyway?

    Found this on the Internet. Check out the text below the banner: "Our pastor, Rich Witmer, blesses us with an all-expense paid trip to the island paradise resort ..." Who's REALLY paying for this?"

    See for yourself at:

    "Therefore, ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD;

    [As] I live, saith the Lord GOD, surely because my flock became a prey, and my flock became meat to every beast of the field, because [there was] no shepherd, neither did my shepherds search for my flock, but the shepherds fed themselves, and fed not my flock;

    Therefore, O ye shepherds, hear the word of the LORD; Thus saith the Lord GOD;

    Behold, I [am] against the shepherds; and I will require my flock at their hand, and cause them to cease from feeding the flock; neither shall the shepherds feed themselves any more; for I will deliver my flock from their mouth, that they may not be meat for them."
    (Ezekiel 34:7-10)

    Witmer; "Your Sin has found you out!"

  22. Marlon C. says:

    I'm from the Philippines and have been in an Encounter and after some time since then preached in numerous encounter weekends, and believe me I am shocked with the details seen in this article. There is an urgency for us Christians to preach the Gospel to others and make disciples (mold the character of Christ to believers) and the traditional way of the church just can't do this. The great commission was given not to a select few, but for those who are one with Christ. I do believe some churches handle encounters differently and are doing it with psychological manipulations. But it only shows they were not able to catch the vision. Jesus changed the lives of people through His relationship with them and it is the same formula the G12 is applying. If the said details in the article are truly happening in some Encounter weekends, those people that are ministering there are in error, the encounter is done by the power of the Holy Spirit, not with psychology. And this is what has passed on to me by people with first hand information from MCI and Generations Church. Done by the power of the Holy Spirit, passed on through relationship. John 15:16

  23. annonymus says:

    i am from northwest community church which is in orlando Florida i didn't want to write my name because of fear.... G12 is LIE believe me trust me they are brainwashing us or at least in Orlando is....people here makes them donate thousand of thousands of dollars.. this church comsumes lives take a look u have to have a cell group that takes an hour of your day or probably night which one could be working... another day in school of leaders... anoter day with you own cell another day at church u are spending to much time they brainwash people and they make those people manipulate you until u become brainwashed as well the church needs to condem this group they are using what is called post trauma they bring things that could have been minimun and make them a big dealand generates guilt... i remember on post encounter the pastor and the high cell leaders told us that by donating to their church we are gonna be rewarded like i said G12 IS A LIE they are taking advantage of the people the church to persue their own agenda
    the bible states IN:
    Galatians 1:10
    Galatians 4:17
    2 Timothy 3:6
    2 Peter 2:3
    2 Peter 2:18
    Revelation 2:14
    Revelation 2:20

  24. Blessed child of God says:

    It is sad to read all the bitterness from people who have left the G12. Winning souls is a believers duty. The Bible tells us that "he who wins Souls is wise" and the G12 is a strategy that helps us win souls. But like anything else it can be abused. It is unfair to condemn the all VISION. It is not a doctrine, the only doctrine for us is what the bible teaches. I have been to the encounter in fact participated at the encounters and none of the things written in this article occured. I got closer to God, my personal relatinship with God has changed and become intimate, i have learned to hear and obey the Holy Spirit and depend on him to help me bring the gospel to those who have never heard about it. I have helped people know Christ and I enjoy doing it. G12 is heard work it is not for lazy people. If you don't like getting out of your comfort zone G12 is not for you maybe there is another strategy that can help you fulfil the great comission in Matthew 28:18-20. But remember the bible tells us that "there is life and daeth in the tougue" be slow to use it against others. God bless you as you find your way in Christ. B

  25. annonymus says:

    I'm in a church that's a part of G12 and I'm about to leave because I feel like there is a lot of people being controlling and so forth. I don't feel comfortable being in that church anymore. If your church is about to be a part of G12 or anyone is inviting you to be in a church that involves encounters or School of Leaders or whatever or the church calls their Bible studies "cells". Run away and don't look back. I saw a lot of people hurt from G12 and I don't want anyone else a part of this movement.

  26. david says:

    the g12 is 10000000% percent cult people have to understand that once your brainwashed at those encounters thats it...your brainwashed theres nothing you can do or tell that sure its a cult so anyone who visits a g12 church run or you whole family will be in danger this thing is so serious.i believe it the anti christ...god bless

  27. jason says:

    I have been part of a G12 church for about 5 years. It is not all of this negative things that every one is talking about. I have been on several encounters and even tought at some. Basics of an encounter is this it is a time alone with God for three days. The whole meaning behind it is this, to bring us closer to God by dealing with our own issues that keep us for the perfect will of God. If there is unresulved sin in your life, unforgiveness, whatever it may be it is dealt with. After all is this not what Jesus did with his disciples?

  28. coy says:

    I was born in a religion where sabbath was strictly observed, I dont eat pork and any other unclean food according to scriptures. But I was hippocrite, though I dont eat unclean foods, the food that comming out from my mouth is not clean either, I speak violently, I have very bad habbits such as fornication, adultery, drunkness, smoking, drugs, etc. I critizise other religion and judge Sunday worshipper as a sign of a member of the mark of the beast, for a sign of the beast are those people who does not follow the commandments of God including sabbath (which is true). I tried several times to change my life to stop the vices but I always failed.

    Recently, our church was closed by our leaders because of financial disagreements. Back then, God opened my eyes. I saw the grave abuse of the commandments of God by our leaders. We observe sabbath literaly but without God's spirit and without love, I always after looking for sunset during sabbath so that I can do my natural chores and somethimes I do immoral acts even during friday night (which is sabbath already), and i observed that our pastors are only working on sabbath, in which other day than sabbath, they are just sitting in their house or in the office of the church. God made me realize that there's something wrong.

    when I was first invited in a cellgroup, my mind was full of doubts back then regarding the basic fundamentals of foundation for I understand that faith is nothing without works, thus if you have faith, you should faithfully sabbath since it is one of the commandments from the creation of the world for it is said in the Book of Genesis "God rested on the seventh day and blessed that day" and even our Lord Jesus Christ rested on Sabbath (black saturday) and there is no order or command from our Lord that the sabbath shall be changed to 7th day to 1st day. But then, the cell leader told me that salvation is instant while transformation is another process. That then, God opened my eyes and saw the real thing. I saw that while these groups don't know how to observe sabbath, yet they observe sabbath literally and spiritually. Most students who have their cells also goes to schools from Monday to Friday, and during saturdays, they either sleep on their home or just go to their cells and during sundays they just go to church where they belong as a social gathering not as a day of rest. Thus, they did literally observe sabbath.

    God is so good, He is a great Father, He is merciful and loving. I was arrested by God's love. I experience literally the essence of the cross and the reason of the cross, the reason of our salvation, the expression of God's love to us. Though I know ever since that our Master Jesus died on the cross for our sins but it never imprinted in my heart, its just on the mind, now, I know the reason of my existance, I am a property of God. I am His slave.

    In no doubt, pastors, leaders, priests in other religion will get mad with this group for the remmitance of their church would be lessen.

    Its just a caveat for our fellow brothers, don't do focus on the name of the group or religion but focus on Christ for He is the only one who can save us. Do not exhault G12 or the name of your religion such us Born Again, Baptist, SDA, etc.. but rather exhault the Name of our Lord, our forever loving Master.

    I pray for love and peace be with you all... God bless.

  29. Daniel Xu says:

    I am Daniel Xu from Singapore. I attended a church that is in G12 Vision movement. Every year my church have G12 conference I have never miss out. My pastor is Ceasar international G12 pastor. After 8 years, G12 have brought many non-believers becoming believers in our church. The encounter is good for pre-believers and non-believers. The process is the encounter is great. Many have experience the love of God and power of God. Like every moment the each church there are problems in it when it is not handling it well. The network system, the appointing of 12 (mentor & mentee) and the discipling problem. The governing itself that separated into 24 nets is crazy and problem between it the husband and wife in difference network. Commitment and submission is a must in the Vision. When come to mission and church planting it is not in the picture. If your church is not ready to adopt this church growth structure and strategy, please do not just simply follow because of others people successful stories. Hurts and damages will be more!

  30. johanne says:

    hi guys, i just want to challenge everyone to list down all the g12 movement teachings and compare it to what the Bible teaches us. If it is not found in the Bible then i believe it is not of the Lord. It is all your choice anyway, your faith, and your salvation... Just ask God for guidance...

  31. Karen says:

    I recently had a few visitors here in Bolivia where I am a missionary for 18 years. I knew the pastor from where they came but did not know them personally. Upon arrival they began to share that they are heavily involved in The Walk to Emmaus. I had never heard about that. Within 1 month my household environment was completely destroyed and there was total division in my family. They were disrespectful toward me in my own house. Before I could get them out, they had begun to spread false accusations about myself and the ministry here. My family unit has been destroyed. Only God can restore! Now all of this has lighted a fire under me. I have been investigating G12 and The Walk to Emmaus (which are the same things)and I can see how they used manipualtion to bring destruction. Now I have set my face as a flint to go against this weapon of satan against the true body of Jesus Christ. I can see how the enemy is using it. This I know ... what the enemy meant for bad, my God will turn it around and make blesings come out of this ...somehow.

  32. Levi says:

    My name is Levi, i live in New Zealand. I knew a church before it was introduced to G12, then things went ugly a year later, so i left. i attended Elim (friends were there) then things got ugly 1 year later, so i left.

    I pondered why these things were happening. i witnessed people and entire famillies leave G12 Churches because of conflict with G12 Leaders. One leader said to me, ''your cell leader is your pastor''. i said, "no, Jesus is my leader, no one else."
    after this they alienated me.

    Cults are all about Control and Control tactics. They fear man more than God, i fear for them because you've been misled. Anyways, to date, almighty God has been exposing more and more of G12 and conflicts.

    Well, i never really was apart but i guess God led me to experience it and learn from it and to later preach against it.

    Levi, Auckland, New Zealand

  33. John Calvin says:

    It seems a shame that the examples given to evidence supposed extremes are of churches that have adopted the G12 vision and not of the source. Take any initiative, however pure at the source, and somewhere down the line it will become contaminated or distorted but this does not prove any fault with the source.
    With all such situations words taken out of context or part passages from books can be misleading - even the bible can be made to speak heresy if we are selective in our choice and commentary of verses.
    Having been a part of a G12 church in the past I would be the first to admit that there is a high level of pressure and expectation placed upon the average church member, however in my opinion this is the more a result of getting things 'the wrong way round'. What I mean by this is that passion, fervor and unction to behave in an 'extreme'(within the bounds of scripture) manner in the pursuit of God and building of his kingdom, are undoubtedly the genuine results of encountering the overwhelming love of the almighty God.
    However, to try to force or create this in a person, or for an individual to behave like this out of a response to expectation without the real encounter or ongoing, experiential, deepening relationship with their saviour will, inevitably, result in digression from what is pure, true and Godly

  34. James says:

    I witnessed manipulation of relationships, and 'blessings' given to those whom tithed at Northwest Church, Orlando. Put the two together. It does not add up to Christianity.

  35. Deuce says:

    I was in the upper leadership of a G12 church for 8 years. I recently left and I am glad that I am free from oppression, manipulation, and fear. I had to leave the church initially because of financial reasons. I needed to move to another city. However, soon after I expressed that I was leaving, I was immediately cut off by several of my best friends. Since then, I have asked the Lord to open my eyes to what I should do and he reminded me of many lessons that I had been taught.

    The premise of G12 is excellent. Pursuing your purpose, building a closer relationship with the Lord, and growing as a leader. Encounter retreats are supposed to be retreats where you receive the freedom of the Lord and deal with your past pain and issues.

    However, the way they implement these things is detrimental to the church and unbiblical. For those of you who have posted who belong to G12, I understand your reluctance to receiving these "negative" posts; I was there too and one of the most faithful...when you're inside of it there is nothing anyone can tell you to stray you. Its all mind control and idol worship.

    I was regularly told that those who are not in the vision are not true believers. Those on the outside don't understand the vision, its crazy to them. I was told if I leave without my leader's permission, I'm walking out from under the covering of God. I was told that my dreams could only come true serving God in his church (meaning at this church). I was told to not waste my time with those who weren't "hungry", I was told to cut off relationships with those who left because they were "rebellious".

    Encounter is a weekend of emotionalism where emotional and gut wrenching images and words are used to bring about conviction in the participant. We were often told that if they weren't broken, as in crying, that they hadn't reached any real breakthrough. Whenever there was something wrong in my life, I was told that there could be a demonic attachment to me or a curse over me. I constantly lived in an overwhelming fear that I wasn't good enough because if I went through an encounter and I was set free and yet the same feelings were there, then I must not truly be it was a cycle of constantly feeling like I wasn't really set free.

    And I already know what those who are in it are thinking....there is an answer for EVERY argument you have in your heart against the vision. Everything. So anytime you may see something that says the contrary to what you've been taught, you can already justify it. And you have scriptures to back it up! That's what makes it even more sinister. The enemy uses scriptures too. Please research what you're being given and don't take it out of context. Truly ask the Lord to show you the truth, as he has so graciously shown me.

    All I want to say is I pray dearly for those caught in this false doctrine and I pray that you all run far and fast because when man builds something and there is an idol, it will surely be torn down....

  36. cs says:

    I attend a wonderful spirit filled G12 vision church. The pastors, leaders, and small groups are totally spiritually health minus the normal ups and downs of life.

    Some people have to be very discerning. The book of James discusses heavenly versus demonic wisdom . Not everyone (unfortunately) will be following Christ as they should. Test what spirit your leadership is operating in. If you are walking in the Holy Spirit you will discern. That is the right of every believer. You do not have to have a special gifting to recognize when things are a miss in your local church body. Wake oh Sleeper! (Ephesians 5)

    One person said the G12 vision is not for the lazy. Its true. The bottom line is our duty is serve Christ as he serves us daily. He served his 12 in humility during the Passover supper. Its not about numbers its about service to Christ!

  37. Anonymous says:

    I was in a G 12 in Yuma, AZ. What has been said about the encounters are true. I left the church because my health is not such that I can meet the "goals" of bringing 5 new people to next weeks cell. I am disabled and felt pressured to meet my obligations and no excuse is reason for not meeting those obligations. I also found when I left the church, I was no longer one of the friends of those still in the church, they quit calling and they no longer had time for me. The obligations also include holding cell groups in your own home, going to G 12 on Mondays, Tuesdays were cell groups, you find your own day to hold cells in your home, and then there is church on Saturday and Sundays.There is also School of Leaders for 2 hours on Sunday afternoon. You are expected to do all of this while growing your cell to get your "12". This is not feasible for one who is disabled. I felt the pressure and ended up with a low self esteem because I couldn't meet the expectations. I was supposed to be "healed" from my afflictions, although they never told me to quit taking my medications. Belonging to this church turned out to be a big burden, and , oh I forgot about the daily devotions of reading several chapters of the Bible and journaling about them. Sorry, but this is too much for a normal person, let alone one with disabilities.

  38. Taylor says:

    I have a few things to say. First off, there is nothing wrong with spending a weekend with God, taking classes to learn more about God, and giving a tithe. When people say that is a cult because of that it is ridiculous. Also, the pictures of Pastor Rich vacationing. A pastor has a right to enjoy life and the things of it. A pastor shouldn't have to live life poor and miserable. And the words to describe him are rude. "Chubby" and "have you ever seen a pastor with down syndrome?" Those are just as ungodly as the remarks he has made. This has become less of informing the public on the dangers of G12 and more on being immature and hurting people. However, I do not agree with the vision. I just left it. There are many things I found disturbing by it. I think having an encounter is good, and people should DEFINITELY win souls and make disciples. It is called EVANGELISM. If you are offended because they suggest you get off your butt and tell a dying world about Jesus, then you need to check your heart. However, it is cultish in the way that they tell you the "vision" is the ONLY effective way of ministry. I find it harmful in many cases. They say they aren't religious when they have one of the most religious spirits I have ever found. They seclude you from other ways to minister and you have to follow their exact rules, that aren't even rules in the Bible. They may be effective guidelines, but it isn't a half-to. An example of this is dating v. courting. SO many Christians argue that it is sinful to date. If you feel convicted of it, don't date but it isn't a sin for everyone. Courting is just a tool to use so that it is easier to resist temptation, however, neither dating nor courting are found in the Bible, at least to my knowledge. The vision should be a tool, not a half-to. They definitely make it that way. They also say that it is a sin to be planted into 2 churches. Is it that bad to go to youth group at one church and a different church on Sunday? They just want you to be involved in theirs. They tried to show me where they got this idea from but they definitely twist scriptures, such as Psalm 82:13. They also focus on the vision way too much, it becomes idolized. And when I was a new Christian I was curious to learn a lot of new things, and whenever I asked someone for help they would be like "you need to talk to your cell leader about it". Too bad my cell leader never answered her phone. Also, they emphasize on tithing too much. There should not be tithing in a cell group, or to 3-6th graders, at least not every single week. I think I got it the first 50 times that it is important to tithe. They also were cocky with the things they had. They would brag about nice things like buying nice shoes and nice cars. One time a leader even said something about having nice shoes and pointed to a kid and said "no offense but who would want shoes like that?" (PLEASE KEEP THIS IN CONSIDERATION: the exact words may be different, I was just reminded of it and it was a while ago. But I know a guy pointed to some kid's shoes in youth group and insulted them while bragging about nice shoes). That isn't godly at all to brag about nice things. I have a big problem with the prosperity gospel because although Pastor Rich has a right to have a $88k car, DO YOU NOT SEE HOW MANY HUNGRY PEOPLE THERE ARE? Gosh. I can't stand American mentality. We can be so SELFISH. (Even I can, I admit). But come on. Another thing that upset me was that I feel that God is calling me to be a pastor and I told a leader that once and he said "Just make sure it is the G12 vision. That is the only effective way to minister". I will NEVER use it. I may do Bible studies and have a retreat similar to an encounter but I will never do that or go under their rules. Also, they do stress going every Saturday, Sunday, youth group and cell group. (Youth group if you are younger). My friend is being pestered because he goes to Saturday service but not Sunday. That is his only day off work and he works a lot. Plus he still goes to youth group and cell. One time I didn't tithe and a leader looked at me and said in front of everyone (at youth group) "If you don't have a tithe or offering, you need to check your heart". That is between me and God. And they also tell you to "hold up your tithes to God" so they want you to hold the envelope up in the air. Uhm, why? I also plan on moving soon...when I get out of school and people would freak out about leaving where I live because I won't go to their church anymore. They act like their church is the only good church. There are plenty of other good churches. And one time I didn't go to church because I was sick and one guy said "I would never miss church just because I was sick". Or I'd be out of town for a family member's birthday. Same story. I can't stand the mentality. I am now going to another church, or in the process of finding one and I am glad. I love the people there but this has become way too unbiblical. This vision makes you religious robots.

  39. Sophie says:

    I attended a G12 church in the UK for several years.

    I had many positive experiences there, but that was more to do with the passion for God and strong community I encountered there than with the G12 vision.

    I agree with other posters here that the G12 places a heavy burden on the congregation.

    My experience of G12 cell group was turning up at somebody's house once a week where they talked about the Bible. I found it really uninspiring as there was no real engagement or debate or depth, it didn't relate to my actual experiences in life at all, yet if I didn't go I knew I was being a 'bad' Christian and I also knew that I would get a lecture about not being dedicated enough.

    The church talked about relationship, and how cell was there to support people, disciple them and to build relationships with other cell members. However, because we only met up once a week during which we just got a Bible lecture, I didn't feel as if I could open up with these people. I didn't feel my cell leader was interested in me in except as a cell member and a potential cell leader. It wasn't a real relationship. So I wondered what the point was in me starting a cell of my own, when there was no actual benefit to attending cell. Eventually when I stopped attending that church on Sundays, my cell leader didn't even notice, because I still attended cell on Wednesdays for several months (I just felt that I had to). If there had been any real relationship there, she would have noticed I wasn't at church on Sundays, and asked why. She would also have noticed the intense depression I was suffering from, the problems I was facing from unemployment and my collapsing relationship with my boyfriend. But as long as I sat silently in cell group and tried to look attentive, she didn't notice any difference between 'Happy Me' and 'Life And Faith in Pieces Me'. Friends would tell me I looked terrible and ask if they could come round and if I wanted to talk about it, or they'd take me out for a coffee, because they could see how much I was hurting, and they would pray for me. Yet my 'spiritual mentor' didn't notice a thing, because I dutifully attended cell. I want to be clear that she was not a cold woman - actually, she was very godly and lovely - but there are some things here which were results of the cell vision:

    Firstly, God had blessed her with many gifts, but leadership ability wasn't one of them. You have to have a certain kind of gifting to be a leader. The Bible is clear on this, yet the cell vision forces everyone into this mould, no matter how hard they may find coping with it. An unrealistic expectation was put on her, and indeed she met with a lot of disappointment as numerous cell members including me, got frustrated with the cell 'vision' and left the church. Had she been free to use her actual talents and giftings, among however many people she chose to build friendships with, then I suspect that she would have seen incredible fruitfulness.

    Secondly, she was very busy. She had a husband and her own business to run. The argument we are given by G12 is 'Jesus had twelve disciples, so we should all have 12 disciples'. Well, I don't know about you, but I am certainly not, spiritually or in my relationships, on the same level as Jesus Christ! Jesus was able to invest a lot of time and effort into His disciples because He was in full-time ministry. When He was a carpenter, He didn't have 12 disciples. 'But the Bible says "go and make disciples!"' say the G12-ers. Well, yes, but it means make disciples of Jesus, not disciples of church members. There are numerous ways to make disciples of Jesus. The Great Commission also says '...baptizing them...' - well, does everybody have to baptise other people? Not according to G12. So why must we all be leaders, according to G12?

    Thirdly, you are supposed to 'be accountable' to your cell leader. This means telling them a lot of personal things. However, I didn't feel comfortable doing this with someone I wasn't close to. You should only have to open up to people who you know really care about you, understand who you are, understand a little bit about how you think, and express a genuine interest in you, not just a 'she's my ticket to more cell members' interest in you. I know at least one other person who left a G12 church because she wondered how she was supposed to open up to someone she didn't know very well. Perhaps this is different in the Americas, but in general, British people are reserved and don't wear their hearts on their sleeves. When I told another cell leader that I felt hurt that my cell leader didn't notice just how much I needed help in what I was going through, he simply told me it was my fault because it isn't a cell leader's job to ask a cell member how they are doing; the cell member has to tell the leader. Actually, I had spoken to her several times but she was a busy woman and didn't know me well enough to know how badly I was hurting, and I didn't want to be a burden to her so I didn't push it. I understand that people aren't mind-readers, but the G12 promises a depth of communication between the leader and the cell members, and the onus should be on the cell leader to build that relationship - that's part of what leadership is, after all. This is one of the problems at the heart of G12: a system of so-called 'discipleship' replaces real relationships. Church isn't a production line and relationships aren't uniform, yet that's how the G12 treats church and relationships.

    If I could sum up G12 in one word, it would be 'unreal'. There was no connection to reality there, in its teachings, its expectations or its implementation. There were people at that church who had real problems but instead of helping them people just fretted over whether or not they attended cell. Yet what good did cell do for them? What good does it do to sit and read the Bible at someone once a week? The Bible is great and everything but it has to be spoken with relevance.

    I find that a lot of modern churches in developed nations have an incredible shallowness to the teaching and preaching, and I find that G12 encouraged this. I'd say that the vast majority of teaching in G12 focuses on: Victory, Overcoming, Seeing the Multitudes, Spiritual Warfare. It was so draining. There was a constant feeling that by not having a cell I wasn't Claiming my Victory, I wasn't Believing for the Multitudes, I wasn't Overcoming, I wasn't doing enough Spiritual Warfare. We used to always go to these conferences for G12 youth, and the atmosphere there always felt very strange and unreal. I think it's because they would teach us certain ideas and principles and then show us a Bible verse to back them up, yet to me a lot of it looked like they had done some serious over-extrapolation. Sometimes, they gave no Biblical backing at all to their claims. I felt that we were living in a kind of superstition. I felt that we were emotionally exploited, too. We were constanly being told about issues, usually related to our fathers or our childhoods. Most of our struggles in life, big or small, were related to 1) your father or 2) rejection issues. And then if you really couldn't 'overcome' then clearly you had a 'spirit of...'. There were numerous 'spirits of...'. You name it, there is a spirit of it which you must verbally command to flee. Nobody ever explained the biblical basis for this, or of the actions we took to overcome these spirits. The leaders would cry 'Think of all the times you've been hurt! Betrayed! Think of all the times you've been rejected!' and usually everyone would end up weeping. To me, it wasn't healing of helpful, it was emotionality masquerading as spirituality. It was pop psychology and nothing to do with God or the Bible. Often I felt used and worn out and exploited, or troubled that I hadn't been able to cry and wail (which meant being set free and healed) like other people.

    Another thing. When G12 starts, pastors often say 'lots of people will leave but it's OK because the multitudes will come'. I find that attitude to be ungodly. Like the song goes, 'love the one you're with'. How loving is it to say 'I don't care if you leave the church, we'll get better people'. Love is meant to be the bedrock of the faith, after all - the Bible says 'they will know you because you love each other'. Love is what will make the multitudes come, not a 'go ahead and leave, someone else will come along' attitude. Each member of a church should be counted as important. People didn't leave because they weren't interested in saving souls, they left because the G12 was a real burden on them. They were sad to go, but their departure was greeted with a 'so what? We'll get multitudes and you won't be part of it' attitude.

    The pressure was hard to bear. If you didn't have a cell, there was simply no other explanation than that you weren't spiritual enough. Church should be a place where the shy and the weak and the overworked are welcomed and loved and nurtured - yet whole swathes of the body of Christ were unacceptable because they weren't cell leaders. Whatever else you did, whatever giftings and talents you had to offer, none of it mattered nearly so much as having a cell. This of course meant that the outgoing, confident people, people who were good at forming friendships quickly and things, found a higher status than others and were considered more spiritual. A cell was a badge of honour. I remember hearing that one of the South American leaders had felt very convicted of her barreness because she 'only' had something like 60,000 cell members. We were told this as encouragement, yet for me it only served to raise the pressure and heighten feelings of inadequacy and discouragement. But if you are told that if you leave the church, you will be cursed; you are fruitless; you are the chaff and G12 soul-winners are the wheat, you have a rebellious spirit.

    When the G12 is treated simply as one system among many for winning and discipling people which people can choose to take at their own pace or opt out of with no pressure, then that is less damaging. But there must also be a lot of encouragement and a lot of time invested by cell leaders - people who really are leaders - in their disciples, for no other reason than that they want to show the love of Christ to people. If you love your cell members only because they are a means to an end (more cell members) then it isn't love and it isn't discipleship. Real people have real problems and they don't always feel victorious or believe for the multitudes etc etc, sometimes they are just trying hard to trust in God for their own souls or for their families. Sometimes it's enough just to have a genuine and real love for a handful of people, instead of spreading yourself thin over twelve.

  40. Sophie says:

    I have to add something here:

    Some people commenting here believe that those who oppose G12 do so because they are lazy and aren't willing to make an effort. That simply isn't true and I don't wish to be offensive but I think this view is born of a defensiveness and a lack of empathy - after all, when you are in a G12 church nothing is able to shake your faith in G12. Speaking for myself, I went on mission trips and relished the challenge and the chance to test and expand my faith, the challenge of speaking publicly about it, and the thrill of being put in new and testing situations. My reasons for being wary of G12 go much deeper than simple laziness.

  41. Darell Gabriel says:

    Well, I can understand why people are calling G12 a cult because of the money issues or something? Maybe they are, I really have no idea what the upper level pastors are doing. But as a G12 Leader and Cell Group Leader. I can assure you we don't EVER force people to give money/offerings. It's totally on their own if they wan't to or not. I mean, I love the Lord Jesus Christ with all my heart, I know in my heart that I am saved. I confessed my sins & given my life to Christ just like all Christians, follow God's word and apply it in my life. To our church, G12 is only a evangelism and discipleship method that Jesus Christ did Himself. Our church loves God, our teachings are totally biblical, all we really want to do is share His love. But WHY would you consider it cultish? Sure there's a head pastor. Doesn't every congregation have a head in their leadership? I mean Jesus was the leader of the church in His time. Didn't that make the Pharisses think He's some cult leader or something? Sure the leadership might be corrupt sometimes (not that I know what their doing) but is the movement and strategy itself cultish? Please share your thoughts.

    God bless you all!
    Serving Christ 24/7,
    Darell Gabriel

  42. Esther says:

    In response to everyone on here, I was involved in a g12 church for 4 1/2 years in Orlando,FL. It all went south when I was assualted in April of this year. My "leader" was not there for me, and showed little remorse when I spoke up about her being busy, saying "take it to God". The encounters are pretty basic, a lot of graphic imagery of the cross and talk of how demonic forces have caused us to sin/ good women are ones who are pure and wait for their husbands/ we had to forgive everyone who had hurt us in order to be free. Which all made sense, but there were several comments that made me pause. Those who left the church to be with their boyfriends/ girlfriends were not to be associated with, as well as those friends who did not want to be involved in the church, because they were walking in sin. I was advised to not visit these people, and look for only those hungry for God, and for Northwest. I was told that if you did not have sex every night with your husband, you were not fulfilling your role as a Godly wife, and that children had to be spanked for every offense, or they would become spoiled and turn from God. I was told that parents had to raise their kids in the church, and since they were the adults, their children could not object until they were 18 years old. This does not mesh with the Jesus I have heard in the Bible. When I asked about how to handle someone not receptive to the truth, I was told that what Jesus did when He came to that town was to wipe the dirt off his feet and keep going, and I should do the same with every person I encountered who did not want to come to the church. I was told that if I did not tithe, God would not bless me. The most disturbing abuse of power I saw was that those who were mentally and physically sick were taken to healing teams to be freed from their illness, and many mentally ill people encouraged to go off of their medications. The final straw for me came in May, a month after I was raped, when, still in pain and bitter I came to my leader to feel better, and she told me that all that mattered was my salvation, and that when I had a better attitude she would speak to me. The g12 church in Orlando needs to be stopped, and the movement needs to be questioned. Thank You.

  43. Laura says:

    The G12 affiliated church in Kennewick, Washington known as Word of Faith Center pastored by Ryan and Natalie Graves displays a variety of cult-like tendencies. They have backed away from claiming they are outright G12 only to continue their close relationships with Rich Witmer and his 'clan.' The pastor at Word of Faith was thrown into the position of senior pastor after his father died suddenly of stomach cancer at the age of 55 and his mother died suddenly in her sleep a few years later (suspected drug overdose, although she weighed nearly 400 pounds at 5'2". Tremendous sex scandals raged among the top leaders (the 12) at the church and even the pastor's sister's infidelity resulted in a bastard child that was hidden for years. Despite hiding just about every sin possible among the leadership team, intense spiritual abuse was pounded on the congregation concerning holiness among other things. After serving in leadership for years, we opened our eyes to the truth and tried to discuss openly some of the concerns we had. We were trained to go to our cell leaders (who were among the 12) only to be ridiculed and told we were in rebellion. We left the church despite the fall-out, only to be harassed by members to the point that we had to change our phone numbers and file complaints with the police. We are college educated business people and were told that education was not of God because pride could easily slip in. Yes, as expected, the 12 at this church barely have high school diplomas let alone any college education (classic cult-like characteristics). This church needs to be examined further for its affiliation with G12 and overall abuse of power. Recently, the adopted daughter of the formerly deceased pastor of Word of Faith Center was accused of murdering a one year old child who was in her care. She is expected to go to trial in early 2013. The congregation of this church must open their eyes to the truth of what kind of mess they are affiliated with. Besides, these points are only the tip of the iceberg at Word of Faith Center in Kennewick. Ryan Graves and his family's souls are on the line, as well as the poor people that go to church there.

  44. David says:

    I unfortunately been going to this church since 8 years. My parents were pastors and abandoned their own church to be a part of MCI in Miami. All my parents congregation left to other churches. Here is the problem with G12 it is an absolute model that is demanded you follow. I am 19 and have experienced spiritual abuse. There is a hierarchy in the church, there is no accountability. In this system everyone is supposed to be a leader/Pastor. Which the qualifications are that if you have a certain amount of cell groups you are qualified to be a pastor. Which is unbiblical by the way. Someone said that G12 is not a doctrine, well it is. It is very pentecostal and very similar to Word of Faith. It preaches the prosperity gospel. Which is a heresy, they have associated with heretical pastors such as Joel Olsteen and Bill Hammon, Cindy Jacobs. There is also illogical doctrines such as My "leader" said the Elect can lose their salvation. How is that possible? Anyways there are discrepancies in their finances, which is pointing that there is fraud in the organization.....I could describe how everything is unbiblical. Most importantly what I hate the most is How the Atonement of Christ has become and genie in a bottle and if you do not believe you can look at the new books... So I encourage new people considering joining to reconsider you are going to experience pain not because a Church isn't perfect, but that the Church is manipulative and has no accountability. The Pastors can do whatever they want and say whatever they want. When are people going to get it just because a person claims to have a vision doesn't mean its from God. Muhammad received visions from Allah in cave....Can you really believe that just because someone claims to receive a vision from God makes it true.

    Which is why I am a Presbyterian. A resource that I enjoy that is focused on scripture and not on experience is the

  45. Jaime says:

    Those that believe that the G-12 movement is nothing more then a church growth strategy are seriously deceived. While I can't say this about all churches associated with the movement Cesar Castellanos founder of the movement is a false prophet perveying a false prosperity gospel who claims Jesus Christ appeared to him revealing the secret to world evangelization through encounter retreats that promise instant sanctification through a mistical encounter with Jesus. This movement devasted my church from which it is still recovering. Whay happened to having an encounter with God through the revealed word of God. This is not a Christian movement. It is heretical to the core- all scripture used is taken out of context to fulfill their mission. If you consider yourself to be a Christian please study the scripture to show thyself a man approved unto God.

  46. JC says:

    (My name IS JC I'm in no way comparing myself to Christ)

    I thought we were past using fear of God tactics to manipulate citizens. I don't mean a little bit, I mean Demons and HELL and possession. We used to do this in the DARK ages.

    I came to the g12 summit battling suicidal depression, but confident of God's love of me. I left the g12 summit unsure of God's love for me because I was not doing X, Y, and Z (primarily I was too afraid of strangers and people to properly evangelize), and I felt abandoned by the church and alone because everyone else could do this, but it was just ME failing again.

    My sister and I both resisted the pressures from the encounter weekend and were labelled as "rebellions and weak". My sister was yelled at during the encounter for breaking the "vow of silence" and asking questions. We got the pastor fired and kick out of our church for blaming women for causing men to sin for not wearing baggy clothing. We were also told we needed to sit on the floor during the encounter weekend because sitting on chairs is comfortable and we should not be comfortable. Also, some were told to say "cocacola" to get the tongues flowing. Our pastor called himself PERFECT and compared himself many times to Jesus.

    Let me tell you, the leaders of this group have since created their own church and continue to spiritually abuse youth and continue to lead encounter weekends. My policeman bf has said that what they did to us is forcible confinement and once he finds them in their element they will all be going to jail.

    They are lovely people, and you'd never think what they are doing is necessarily wrong. You'd likely call it a lesser of evils. Yes they are growing a church, yes you are introducing people to Jesus, HOWEVER My sister and I and our friends that were exposed to this (mildly) will forever be scarred and some I know will never accept any teachings about Jesus again. We Went believing in God, and left confused and feeling like there were demons in us.

    BAH.... This movement is BAD BAD BAD! The bad part taints ANYTHING good about it.

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This post was last updated: Nov. 15, 2007