Thomas Weeks III – Prosperity Gospel

Prosperity Gospel

Thomas Weeks preaches a form of the so-called ‘Prosperity Gospel‘:

In the early twentieth century, the prosperity message was mostly taught on the milk level because there was widespread poverty in the Pentecostal/charismatic community. Since there w e re n ’t many millionaires, the message was limited by the community’s own experience. By late 1970 to the early part of the eighties, the message of prosperity took off because God had blessed many believers due to their increased faith in Him.

However, I’ve found there is still a great disparity between (if I may use the terminology) the upper class, the middle class, and the poor.

The truth is, the Bible decrees that prosperity is given to all. God gives His people the power to gain wealth (Deut. 8:18), or the opportunity to prosper. The question is, who has been taught how to use this God-given power in order to maximize every opportunity? God hasn’t failed in presenting to us how to do this. We have failed because, by and large, we’ve forgotten that prosperity is God-given.

You can’t receive what you don’t believe, and you can’t activate what you negate. You have to act on the opportunities God gives you, or you could delay or even forfeit His promises. Furthermore, you could reap rich benefits on every level if you just hear and obey His voice.

– Source: Even As Your Soul Prospers, Thomas Weeks

Financial Problems

In the wake of Weeks’ alleged attack on his estranged wife, Juanita Bynum, news media reported that Weeks had financial problems:

FOX 5 News has learned that Weeks’ financial past includes several civil court judgments against the 40-year-old bishop.

Court documents show that before moving to Duluth, Georgia, Weeks led a ministry in Washington, D.C. called, Center of Hope Community Development Corporation. Court records reveal a $63,000 judgment against Weeks from copier giant, Xerox Corporation, a $22,000 judgment against Weeks from jewelry store Tiffany and Company, a $13,000 judgment from a credit card company and a $6,000 judgment from Ford Motor Credit. In total, there is more than $100,000 in judgments against Weeks. Three of the creditors say Weeks still has not paid the debt.

When Weeks moved to Duluth in early 2006, family members confirmed that he and his wife, Juanita Bynum began leasing a $2.5 million home with six bedrooms in the St. Marlo golf community in Forsyth County.

Earlier this summer, a court gave the order to serve an eviction notice.

– Source: Juanita Bynum’s Estranged Husband Faced Financial Troubles, Fox 5, USA, Aug. 30, 2007