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Juanita Bynum – Your Comments

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  4. Juanita Bynum - Your Comments

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17 Responses to “Juanita Bynum – Your Comments”

  1. Woman of God i have just finish veiwing your TBN telecast9/5/07 with that awesome testimony from Bro. Dwayne.It also cause me to reflect on my wife's and my test.When my wife married me...little did she know about all my anger and pain from my childhood.My heavy drinking and cocain use made it almost unbearable for her to continue to think of me as her husband.She too was battered,but her faith and the ministry she was a part of,gave her the maturiy to trust God he would turn me around.This went on for 7 years into the marriage(we've been married23 years)In January of 1998,in a druken rage,push her, slapped her,and called her very,very ugly names.We separated for one month.things were going really really well,then in March28,1998 i was rushed to the hospital suffering a massive stoke.This woman of God,my help meet literally nursed me back to health because i had to learn how to walk, talk,plus i lost use of my left arm,hands and fingers.She never ever complained and was an encouragement always.Also for a few months her job as a Rn was the only income we had and we had 2 sons in their late teens.Bottom lineour marriage is stronger than ever!!You sopke of Bishop Weeks as your husband ...let it be so!!if God can change me he can change anybodyDIVORCE IS NOT AN OPTIONGod Bless you!!1

  2. I love Juanita Bynum. She is a true woman of God. Yes she does have some issues with nherr husband and she too needs to take responsibility for mariage actions and failures because it takes two to argue. But I still believe that the Lord is working on her and causing her to rise above our MOuths. Women do always want to have the last say. But I believe that Bishop Weeks should of not beat her that is a NO NO. But it happened and we need to pray for restoration. I'm know I would never take him back but they need to be restored unto God and know that they need to walk a tight ship when it comes to being in the lime-light. People do want to know your dirty laundry. I have been in failed marriages but I haven't and I will not tolerate a man beating on me. I hit is enough to send him flying out the window. I don't play. But I am so glad that the Lord truly saved me and delivered me and has send me a real man of God who respects me and doesn't beat on me. That is not God. That is the worlds way of handling a situation. I pray that the Lord fully restores Dr. Juanita Bynum and her ministry and causes her to soar and rise above the tricks of the enemy because he wants to end all marriages in divorce. Which he is doing with Paula White as well and countless others in the ministry. Why is divorce so high in the churches? We need to get right with the Lord and stay right. Sure for me I married an unsaved man. So I reaped what I sowed but now I have a Godly man that the Lord sent and that is a big difference. I pray that the Lord wakes us up out of our sleep and causes the body of christ to take a stand on holiness and stop being luke warm christians. And stop allowing the devil to play with our minds. He is laughing at us and is having a party because we allow him to manipulate us into doing wrong things. The kingdom of God suffers violence and the violent take it by force. Take back everything that the enemy has stolen from you, including your children which are incarcerated. I pray for totally restoration in the body of chris. We need to represent christ and represent him well. Some of us are slack and lazy and slowful concerning the things of God. 2 Chronicles 7:14 sums it up for the christians. If my people who are called by my name would humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways then will they hear from heaven and I will rebuke their devour and heal their lands. Only if they repent and turn. God bless your richly. If you need to comment. Please email me at
    Evangelist Donna L. Hall
    May the Lord thy God bless you real good.

  3. Sister V. Passmore says:

    I don't Juanita Bynum, never met her but I do know of her and about her. Don't know the situation will like to know more about the problem. I just believe that this shows the world that us christians aren't perfect. That there are issues that we go through and face in life. I really wish that whatever happens after this incident with Juanita & Thomas..that God restores them in mind and in their spiritual lives. God bless her and him and any one else that was in the situation..

  4. Sheletta Matthews says:

    Dear Woman of God. I don't care what critics say. I know that they are just pushing you to the next level of anointing that God has waiting on you. I am a single mother of 3 and you are my mentor. I feel as if we have met before. God is doing great things in your ministering. And now I'm opening up a group home for single mothers and their children who has been in abusive relationships. I am a survivor of abuse and I know where you have been. Remember the very thing you minister about that's the area the enemy attacks us in. It takes money to run a business and a ministry and you are always in my prayers one day we will meet and I will get to tell you face to face about the impact through you that Christ has placed in my life. You are beautiful naturally and spiritually and no devil can take what God has blessed you with.

  5. tasha joseph says:

    i alway dream of becoming a woman like juanita because i see her as a woman of God own heart.but first i was disappointed when i heard what happen to your marriage, but i believe as a child of God u should give it sometime time before u actually go through with the divorce.i am 23 year old and it make me frigthen to get married because i realise dat majority of christian marriage is going done d drain and everybody is saying that god that bless them yet when it get rough they divorce i dont understand .i really wish u make a different in your marriage put God to the test i believe he can heal your marriage.let prayer and fasting be put the devil to shame when God come out the victor.God bless everyone i know the christian walk is a hard one

  6. Lucie Lovely says:

    HI Juanita

    Writing from UK. Just wonna say that I love you and still would look up to you.
    I've gone through what you just gone through and even involved the cops.
    I therefore know its truly painful. Haven't left my hubby (who used to be saved), but I can witness the working of GOD in his life.
    I totally abhor wife beating, and will never stand for it, but I know God will restore you..we all look up to you big sis.


  7. jamie says:

    I would just like to say to the women of GOD that I am praying for you for your strength and endurence and for guidance and complete full restoration. I dont care about what happen all I care about is your soul your spirit because I belive we as christians go through so much and get tired almost to the point were we are weak in the natural body but THATS WHEN GOD STEPS IN; IN THE SPIRTUAL REALM. I believe GOD is a way maker he will open doors and he will show up and show out in your defense and on your behalf so be diligent and patient while seeking his face. I am just excited because I know as a 30 year old single women that is awaiting on God to send my husband what you have been preaching about and have continued to followed your messages for the last fifteen years. I can remember like it was yesterday when i sat alone a couple of years ago and watched the no more sheets video a friend had given me and how the conviction of the Holy ghost came into my life for the first time and layed upon my heart I was not a women that slept around as a matter of fact I was a virgin holding out until my marriage night but I still can remember how you said with the Power and Anointing" that God will not send you a man thats of good nature and character and you're not in position to meet him half way, to bring something to the table to help this man out". I say that to say this I was about 23 years old then and I belived in you and the messages you brought forth then and still belive in you and the messages you continue to bring forth through christ now the message is still the same Put God first in everything you do. Women are out there and we recognize we need help and guidance and we still believe in you AND FIGHTING THE DEVIL WITH ALL WE HAVE TO STAY AHEAD IN THE RACE OF A DISCIPLE OF CHRIST . WE LOVE YOU AND WILL CONTINUE TO PRAY FOR AND SUPPORT YOU. MAY GOD CONTINUE TO BLESS YOU, BECAUSE YOU HAVE EARNED IT AND IF ITS NOT ENOUGH OUR TRUE AWARDS AWAITS US IN HEAVEN. I am a young believer in Christ and look past people faults and try to focus more and work harder at my own. TO my christian family stop the bashing and lets begin to heal and move foward in our lives and stay prayerful because we too are moments away from a crisis in our homes and lives but its our faith and prayer life that makes the difference in our crisis. lets love one another you JESUS STYLE AND FOR YOU BISHOP BYNUM "DO YOU MISS LADY DO YOU" GOD BLESS

  8. It disturbes me to see how the devil is being allowed to tear up the marriages of two very prominent women of God, Juanita Bynum as well as Paula White. About seven years ago the Lord had shown me in a vision some mainstream preachers who would be involved in great scandals-both lack and white. Since that time it has surely come to pass. One of those preachers was Juanita Bynum. I wrote her a letter telling her of a vision that God showed me concerning her. I never got a response back of course-most famous or popular people are not going to believe something like that at first hand because of all the true wackos out there. But in that vision I saw a beating taking place. But God is a caretaker,protector and a Father. He WILL NEVER ALLOW YOU TO GO INTO ANYTHING WHERE DANGER IS AHEAD AND NOT WARN YOU! Somebody told her not to marry that man but she did anyway-and at a courthouse at that-not becoming of a woman of her position. What Juanita and Paula should do is come clean with the family of God and stop trying to defend themselves from sermons that they have preached and have been asked to remember. And simply admit that they too have fallen short and help us all to move on from there. Randy and Paula White need to stay together because their seperating is not of God. Juanita on the other hand is wisely using this opportunity to go free of a marriage that she had no business getting into in the first place. I KNOW because in my past I made the exact same mistakes and God raised me up as I honestly dealt with the truth of my sin. I was honest before the church. God sat me down in my ministry for a season and a reason, as they should do the same. Neither woman, Paula or Juanita nor their spouses should be up trying minister right now. It is messy and unbecoming. But they do not want to let go of the money that they will miss if they take a much necessary sabbatical. Juanita preached it herself! About being sloppy Christians. Yes pray but don't be no fool either. GOD IS NOT MOCKED. Write me @ PO BOX 2101 Norcross,GA 30091 -love and truth. Amen

  9. Toyia Talley says:

    I just would like to say know one has a right to make judgements agaist this women of God I hope all is well with juanita keep your head up, it's sad how when we as brothers and sisters in Christ cant even say an kind word when one of our sisters are brothers is hurting,I am so sorry this happen to you, but whatever the reason please speak up for those who have suffered the same thing I have not but I watch my mother beaten by her husband shame on women who think this is ok and make their childern suffer because they feel like they cant live without a man its to many women walking around here thinking this is ok, the only man we need is Jesus once a women realize this God we'll send her that man who would love her, women need to learn how to stick together and love one another and stop having cat fights and being jealous of one another its sick because hell dont care about how you look. God Bless you juanita I'm very proud of you your sister in the Lord from Los Angeles You know alot of times we have to encourage are self.

  10. Mary says:

    PLease...get into the Word of God and check out what these people profess to be.. God's word will enlighten you by the power of the Holy Spirit..Get into a local body that teaches the word and that encourages you..God's way is not man's way..

  11. Juana McLaurin says:

    The Word of God says not to remove the tares from the wheat when they are young,because you may
    mistake a wheat for a tare. He says when they mature you will be able to see which one is a tare
    and which one is wheat. God said, He would expose and pull up the tares. I believe God is exposing
    impure hidden motives of Church leaders in order to raise up his anointed leaders that will lead his church to Christ and only Christ. Their motive will not be money or material things. It will
    be only the will of the True and Living God. The very first time I heard Juanita Bynum I knew her
    motive was money. I also knew she had a subtle hatred for men and the position God had ordained for
    them. The position of leadership. I went to a service and Juanita Bynum was the speaker, she
    started by saying, "God said 100 people are going to give $100. When the people did not respond
    she became angry and said, "I don't need your money." Yet she begged down to $1.oo. I have no
    personal feelings about Juanita one or the other. I believe many are swayed by whether they like
    her. The Word of God says to test the spirits to see if they be of God.

  12. Toya says:

    I would just like to say that hearing about this whole situation hurt me deeply. I am a young Christian growing everyday in Christ. I teach bible study to local teen girls on Wednesday nights and I try to be an example for them. I have been to a confrance in which you spoke and I LOVED your message, you were talking about your husband and how you would do anything for him including taking your scarf off to wipe a spilled drink off his pant leg.... I now am going through things with my husband and it is hard to keep the faith as a Christian, pray, and wait on God to work it out when every time I turn around in the media a Christian leader that I looked up to is not setting an example for me to follow. I am not saying in any way that you should stay in an abusive marriage but there are differant ways to handle situations.

  13. Koby says:

    At what point of our Christian lives do we test the core of our Christian values, and our faith in Christ; when things are going ok in our lives or when we are faced with real life challenges? Of course, it is a lot easier to counsel people, and preach the biblical principles to others, but the test of our faith is measured when we are actually going through difficulties. It is definitely not fun when we going through tough times, but as Christians I personally belief those moments are the times to test the level of our faith in Christ. Quitting will bring comfort, but I belief that is the easiest route, but is that what God command us to do?

    I am very disappointed to see marriages breaking up in the churches, e.g. Juanita Bynum and Bishop Weeks, Paula White and Randy White, to say the least, and hope and pray that that all these preachers and focusing on money and their selfish interests, and that they would be the doers of the word.

    I belief that there are some lessons we can all learn from what's happening:
    1. We are all vulnerable to these temptations, and we all need to engrave in our "mandula oblongata" (our brain) that test of our faith is measured when we are spiritually attached, because we need to set examples for one another. For instance, the level of Abraham's faith was tested when God commanded him to kill his son Isaac for sacrifice, Daniel, Job, David when he was in the wilderness, Paul....etc. An all these Christians did not quit but stayed obedient and faithful to God, and at the end, they prevailed.

    2. We should not be quick to judge, we should realize that these are spiritual warfare’s and we shouldn't try to fight these ourselves; we need Holy Ghost Fire to bind these strongholds. We should strengthen and continue to pray for our fellow Christians when they are going through spiritual warfare’s. Remember, the devil comes to steal, kill and to destroy.

    3. We should refer to the Bible (Christian manual) to find out what we need to do when something is broken in our marriages or in our lives, we should not fight these battles by ourselves. We should not follow the worlds; we become hypocrites if we do that.

    May the glory of God bestowed upon you, May god renew our minds and thoughts and increase our faiths to stand firm in the word of God as we all go through the challenges on this world.


  14. James David says:

    Evidently, the majority of the responses are from people who do not know much about what God has to say about peddling the Word for profit. If peddling the Word for profit is wrong, i.e. Acts 8, 2 Cor,; then why isn't anyboby saying anything about Juanita Bynums' teachings. Her teachings are in line with Simon Magus and Jezebel. She is not a "prophetess" as she herself proclaims. God speaks to us by His Spirit through His Word. Christians do not need a false prophet telling them to abandon their families by giving all of their money, which they need to live, to someone for a million dollar plus wedding. This is typical word-faith teachings that put people into bondage like Juanits Bynum is in bondage to her own teachings. Word-faith does not rely on God to deliver. It relies on man to deliver. I pray for her to come to see the truth of Jesus Christ but I will never approve of her tactics that smear and slander the Name of our Lord. Just take a biblical look at the teachings of 3/4 of TBN's teachers and you will see that they are slaves to the god of money. TBN is in a position to be used by God in a powerful way; but not the way they are going now. Thanks for "Way of the Master", "In Touch w/Charles Stanley", "Turning Point", and programs like them for keeping true to what the bible says about God. Without them TBN would surely be lost.

  15. andrea says:

    it's said from people that know you and that i know from maryland that you are the one that hit him i just wont to know form you is that true and how do you feel i have seen the show that you said you had a brick geting ready to hit him and he was telling you to put it down now that was not something that somone told me but what you yourself said i'm not saying you did it or he did no one knows but God , you and him i just wont to know

  16. towayne says:

    Jaunita bynum is a woman of God I believe that God will deal with her in her own way no one needs to mess over GOd's servant Look at all the people that she is reaching for the kingdom. We as christian don't look on the good but as a person mess up we are ready to kill them with our tongue. Juanita cont to do the work that u r doing God bless you

  17. flowers says:

    Come on guys. She married too quickly and without the counsel of the wise. She spent lavish amounts of money on that wedding, And televised it, now she is divorced and bankrupt. I lay you two to one if I were a betting man that the divorce propably had something to do with money and intellectual property rights. This Guy, Bishop Weeks, who ever heard of him before he married Juanita, saw the money potential in her, there is no doubt. I really liked Juanita Bynum in the beginning, she really seemed sincere and powerful. Now, she is too busy, being "a prophet", and getting a fresh word so the money won't stop flowing, and doing the whole 'branding' thing, that she has forgotten the basic tenants of our faith, and has let greed and fame steal the anointing that she once had. Those that cling to the notion that she hasn't developed some problems are the ones who fantisize and want to be her. I only hope she can find a real way back to what she once had.

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