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Promise Keepers – Research Resources

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Christian Promise Keepers (Contra) Series of Articles on the Cross+Word site
Christian Promise Keepers (Contra) Series of articles.

Christian Promise Keepers: An Answers In Action Summary Opinion Balanced, realistic statement by Bob and Gretchen Passantino
Christian What's wrong with the Promise Keepers? (Contra) Matt Andrews, Midwest Today, Apr/May 1996

Book Review

Christian Incomplete Confessions WORLD Magazine book review of Sold Out, Bill McCartney with David Halbrook / Word.

The Promise Keepers movement has some positive aspects (see WORLD, Oct. 18), but PK founder Bill McCartney has written a disturbing book-disturbing for what it leaves out. Sold Out: Becoming Man Enough to Make a Difference (written with David Halbrook) is on the surface an autobiography. It's not his first: In 1989, the former collegiate football coach published Ashes to Glory. Nor is it complete: In newspaper articles following the release of Sold Out, Mr. McCartney admitted to an adulterous affair-and though Sold Out is supposed to be about the downs and (more recent) ups of his marriage, Mr. McCartney leaves out any mention of the affair, which occurred 20 years before he confessed it to his wife in 1993.

Nor does he mention that his daughter got pregnant twice, out of wedlock, by two different members of his football team. To be sure, his 1989 book addresses Kristy's first pregnancy (which occurred in 1988), but it happened again in 1993, and Mr. McCartney doesn't seem to see the underlying problem (in his leadership at home) as worth addressing.

Especially disturbing is Mr. McCartney's response to legitimate criticism and questions: "In all actuality, I suspect that much of the criticism leveled at Promise Keepers from within the Christian community-typically cloaked in assorted, usually untested claims that we're an ecumenical movement, or that we preach a gospel palatable to Mormons or fringe cults-has as its true root a deep-seated cultural resistance to the message on [racial] reconciliation. It simply tells me we're on the right track."

Web Site

Aberrational, Heretical, Heterodox, Suborthodox or Unorthodox Promise Keepers official website


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