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This is an archived entry. If you encounter broken links, see this.

We use 'Catchall' pages for brief entries that have not been assigned their own page (for one reason or another -- but usually because they are too brief).

Backward Masking

Backward masking is the technique of recording spoken or sung messages that can be heard as intended when the recording is played backwards. Some music groups have done this on purpose, and where done the messages often are satanic. In the late seventies and early eighties, some Christians claimed to find backward-masked messages even on albums by Christian artists. They claimed that when listened to, backward masked messages bypass the normal thought processes, but are decoded and accepted as "true" by the brain. Rich Buhler, then host of a popular Christian talkshow on KBRT, Los Angeles, was among those who exposed this claim as an urban tale.

Jim Bakker

Founder, PTL (Praise The Lord) network. Jailed after being convicted of overselling timeshares to a hotel on the PTL grounds.

Has since denounced the prosperity gospel. However, he is back on TV, and has turned into a huckster for 'doomsday survival food.'

Also, since his release from jail, he has associated himself with false prophet Rick Joyner, touting the latter's off-the-wall revival theories.

He appears to lack the spiritual discernment necessary to tell apart orthodoxy from heresy.

news tracker &news archive
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» Database of archived news items
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Older item:
(May 24, 1999) Former televangelist calls Y2K a picnic compared to coming apocalypse


Some churches and individuals teach that Christians must be baptized in order to be saved. That teaching is aberrant at best, and heretical at worst.

Christian A Brief Rebuttal of Baptismal Regenerationoffsite by James White.
Christian Is Baptism necessary for salvation?offsite Baptism and Romans 6:3-5
Christian The Gospel According to Oneness Pentecostalismoffsite One Man's Exodus from the United Pentecostal Church
Christian Placing Faith in the Baptizer; Not the Baptismoffsite Part of an extenstive site on the United Pentecostal Church
Christian Water Baptism and Salvationoffsite Systematic refutation of the Church of Christ's claim that water baptism is necessary for salvation.
Christian Why Was Jesus Baptized?offsite Article on the CARM site.
Christian You in Your Small Corner - the elusive dream of evangelical unityoffsite How baptism is a major obstacle to unity - an extract from the book You in Your Small Corner: The Elusive Dream of Evangelical Unityoffsite By Mark Johnston

Online Book
Christian A Study on Baptismoffsite (Alternative linkoffsite) by Prof. M.M.Ninan

Basic Life Seminar

Produced by the controversial Institute in Basic Life Principles (see details there), headed by Bill Gothard.

Originally developed as a tool to help parents and teenagers understand and conquer the common conflicts that often divide them, the Basic Seminar has been instrumental in restoring parent-teen relationships, troubled youth, criminals, churches, businesses, governments, marriages, and families.

As the cornerstone of IBLP's outreach, the Basic Seminar is held in cities around the world throughout the year. Since 1964, well over 2.5 million people have attended this seminar.

Basic Seminaroffsite, Institute in Basic Life Principles

E. Calvin Beisner

Author of "'Jesus Only' Churches", "Where Garden Meets Wilderness: Evangelical Entry Into the Environmental Debate," "God in Three Persons.," and other books.

Brother of apologist Gretchen Passantino (✝ October 2, 2014).

David K. Bernard

Associate Editor of World Aflame Press - a United Pentecostal Church publishing firm. His article "Answering the Charge of Cultism", published in the 1993 issue of Forward (a quartely magazine for United Pentecostal International ministers) is answered by E. Calvin Beisner. Both articles are available in our CounterPoint section.

R. Vincent Bertollini

Vincent Bertollini was the founder and co-leader (with Carl Story), 11th Hour Remnant Messenger, which shares the anti-Semitic, white supremacist philosophy of Aryan Nations.

Bertollini, who adheres to the Christian Identity theology, refers to himself as an "evangelist."

He was fugitive, after failing to show up for a court trial.

Bertollini was arrested in April, 2006, and sentenced in June, 2007.

Non-Christian Bertollini and Story : 11th Hour Remnant Messengeroffsite Information from the Anti-Defamation League
Secular Computer Millionaires Fund Hateoffsite ADL coverage on Vincent Bertollini, Carl Story, and 11th Hour Remnant Messenger

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Hategroup The 11th Hour Remnant Messengeroffsite Official site of Bertollini's hate group.


» Not the same thing as rebirthing

"Birthing" is one of the manifestations practiced, and promoted in the Toronto Blessing Movement, as well as in similar renewal and revival movements.

A person will, allegedly under the direction and influence of the Holy Spirit, squat on the ground, and pretend to give birth. This is accompanied by the moanings and groanings associated with a normal birthing process. It is claimed that the person manifesting this way is giving birth to "something spiritual."

Also a teaching (see pregnancy)

...God has revealed to me revelations... of His Spirit, of His endtime, so sacred... You never heard this word preached anywhere. It is Hot, it is sacred, it is Deep!... Come away to this place where I poured out My Holy Spirit... I will make you pregnant with My reality... The Holy Spirit is the part of God that will manifest the pregnancy in your being. Something great is about to happen to you.
Moris Cerullo, Promotional letter for his 1994 London School of Ministry
I am now impregnating some of my mature, older ministers with truth... I'm choosing my older men because I can trust them to carry that truth to full gestation and have the patience to raise it up once it is delivered... I will bring forth truth that is not now being taught and you will be part of it.
Judson Cornwall, interviewed by Pat Robertson, 700 Club, Family Channel, June 9, 1994

Black Supremacy

A racist world view that considers black or colored people to be better than white people. (E.g. Black Hebrew Israelites, Nation of Islam, Yahweh Ben Yahweh).


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