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Daniel 10 and the Notion of Territorial Spirits (Contra) by David E. Stevens, Senior Pastor, Central Bible Church, Portland, Oregon. Indepth study in which Stevens points out that

A marked difference stands between the nature of Daniel’s prayer and what is presently termed “strategic-level intercession.” Daniel never sought the names of these cosmic powers nor did he employ their names in his intercession—a practice more in keeping with occultic arts.71 In fact there is no indication that Daniel was aware of what was taking place in the heavenlies during his three week period of prayer and fasting. It is not until after this period that Daniel received revelation about the identity of the angels engaged in this heavenly struggle.72 And even then, the only angel who was named was Michael (10:13), who fought on behalf of Israel. The evil angelic princes of Persia and Greece were identified by their generic titles. In light of this, Lowe concludes, “If this passage teaches the importance of names, it is angelic names which are consequential. Generic titles are sufficient for demons.”73

Territorial Spirits (Pro) by Don Rogers, Spiritual Warfare Ministries Online.

Territorial Spirits and Spiritual Warfare: A Biblical Perspective (contra) by Eric Villanueva

What about corporate demonization over regions, nations, cities, ethnic groups, and generations of families? First, we must acknowledge that there is some biblical evidence for territorial spirits. Jesus called Satan the “prince of this world” (John 12:31) while Paul named him “the prince of the power of the air” (Eph. 2:2) and “the god of this world” (2 Cor. 4:4). “He leads the whole world astray” together with his angels (Rev. 12:9, NIV).


Where teachers of these doctrines depart from Scripture more definitely is in the practice of trying to expel these spirits. The Bible does show Jesus and Paul verbally rebuking demons which physically possessed individuals. Each of these individuals was freed, and, like the Gadarene, was found to be “in his right mind” after the expulsion.

It is important to note, however, that neither Jesus nor the disciples ever verbally rebuked (or taught others to do so) national, ethnic, behavioral, or generational demons. The Bay Area demons have been thoroughly rebuked but the region is still not in its “right mind,” while materialism, immorality, and irreverence are common behavior.

Territorial Spirits: Some Biblical Perspectives (Neutral) Vern S. Poythress

Now what does the Bible have to say specifically about territorial spirits, that is, the association or confinement of evil spirits or angelic spirits to certain spatial locations or territories? The Bible contains very little explicit teaching that would satisfy our curiosity or morbid fascination. But there are some scattered indications of various kinds. Some texts directly or indirectly indicate that we can expect, at least in many cases, that demons have a particular spatially limited “habitat.”

What are territorial spirits? (Balanced) from Points out that while the Christian concept of territorial spirits comes from Bible passages, engage territorial demons in spiritual warfare is not justified by Scripture.


Breaking Strongholds in Your City: How to Use Spiritual Mapping Tomake Your Prayers More Strategic, Effective and Targeted (Pro) by C. Peter Wagner

Territorial Spirits (Pro) edited by C. Peter Wagner

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