Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare

Some Christians believe they can determine which so-called Territorial Spirits are in charge of certain geographic areas.

This determination is made through an approach called Spiritual Mapping.

Once a map for a given area has been completed, it is used in so-called Strategic Level Spiritual Warfare (SLSW).

[C. Peter Wagner] defines three levels of spiritual warfare: “Ground-level” involves casting demons out of individuals; “occult-level warfare” involves more organized “powers of darkness” [They target here New Age thought, Tibetan Buddhism, Freemasonry, etc.]; and “strategic-level warfare” directly “confronts ‘territorial spirits’ assigned by Satan to coordinate activities over a geographical area.”
– Source: Targeting cities with ‘spiritual mapping,’ prayer, by Jane Lampman, Christian Science Monitor, Sep. 23, 1999

While the Bible teaches the reality of spiritual warfare, the teachings and practices of C. Peter Wagner and his supporters range from extra-Biblical to un-Biblical.

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