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Goth / Goths / Gothics – Your Comments

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15 Responses to “Goth / Goths / Gothics – Your Comments”

  1. Marie says:

    Greetings, all. I am relatively new to this subculture, yet it is one of the most fascinating things which I have ever come across. In the few months I have known the Goth culture I have gathered all the information I could possibly find on the internet; I have dug deep into the controversy surrounding this culture and seen both sides of the issue. From the start the gothic culture possessed for me a charm I never felt in any other culture. Yet one issue holds me back. I, a Catholic, find some of the comments here decidedly anti-Catholic. Sadly, many of the elements in this subulture are also this way.

  2. DarkRomantic says:

    I am charmed by the goth culture as well, by the music, the mood which tends to match mine, and by the clothes. I grew up in an evangelical Christian family under many suffucating rules. Now I am 19, and live on my so I can find and follow my own path so to speak. I still consider myself a Christian though my beliefs and practices are different from those of my family. For one thing I am much more tolerant toward others. What gets me is that I still find it hard to be tolerant toward myself. For instance, I really like the gothic fashion trends, especially corsets, which to me look and feel fantastically erotic. I love that look on other goths, but often have a hard time giving myself permission to wear and enjoy corsets, particularly the underbust ones. I have met several other Christian goths who seem to struggle with their love for the fashion and whether or not you can wear certain things. I mean, much of the gothic fashion is somewhat revealing.

  3. Billy says:

    i my self a goth think that when you have to live A LIFE of nothing but hell and there is no one to talk to i think that dressing black shows that i waz left out of this world and when poeple ask me are u goth i say yes then they ask why i say beacuse i waz forgoten and all my friends are goth and now that i am enterying hight school i hope it worth it because in middle school i waz steryotyped but i just thought i wold telll u ths later

  4. Liana says:

    hey,well after reading the article and the comments i've come to realise that my life is like this.
    I'm a christian goth, and something that also ticks people is that i'm a brown pacific islander or to those rascist people also known as a BLACK person. during last year i had been opened to the gothic persona by a few people at school.that is what ticked me really, i wanted to be different than everyone else, i guess that i'm the only pacific islander that feels like this at the moment.last year i had also been feeling suicidal and started cutting myself and all but it wasnt because of the "goth encounter"it was because i had fallen into a dark hole of deep mum always called me "evil" or "devil-worshipper"but to be honest i'm so not like that.i still love jesus and will always love him since i gave my life to him at the age of 12.i guess i just want to dress the way i do because i want to be me and not get criticised for who i am.i still get crap from my mother tho' everyday not a day goes by that she doesnt call me a "devil-worshipper" i just wish that she'd understand me for who i am on the inside, she still claims that i'm evil and that my great goth mates are too.but she doesnt know what it's like to be me.i just wish she understood.this website is freaking awesome...thankyou!

  5. Raven says:

    I would have to say that when I read this article I was somewhat dissapointed and understanding. I'm a Goth and I really hate it when people like to judge other people by their appearance and not by who they are. Not all Goths: are suicidal, evil, depressed, wanting to kill people, worship satan, hate everybody, don't always waer black, but they are also: Happy, nice people, and they are normal like you. All I'm saying is that don't judge us by our appearance. Why look on the outside when there is something much better on the inside.

  6. Creepy Doll says:

    Parents, please: If your son or daughter is cutting, etc, it's not because of anything goth related. Correlation does not mean causation. It's a separate problem to be dealt with. Satanism is also separate. It is not an integral part of our subculture. Goth is not a problem; it's a viable esthetic and lifestyle. Cutting, depression, etc are problems and should be dealt with appropriately and with compassion.

    I've been a goth for years and years. I'm about to turn 40 if that gives you any idea. (Yes, there are plenty of eldergoths out there. For many people, this isn't a teenage phase.) I make a good living. I have a nice house and a good relationship with a gothic man. Our lifestyle is healthy and affirming for those who naturally fit into it. For those who don't fit into the mainstream, it gives us a home in the subculture, and kindred spirits. I'd be hard pressed to find anything wrong with that.

    No, I don't go to work in clothes from Hot Topic and Lip Service. :P That's club wear. Yes, most of my clothes are black. Just as well: I'm a klutz and I spill coffee sometimes. :/

    So. If you're a young goth, take heart and know there are good things waiting for you. If you're a parent, please try not to freak out. It's nothing to give yourself a migraine over. Let it be.

  7. michelle says:

    Seriously people goth isn't a bad thing. It's just basically saying "I'm different from you and I'm not afraid to show it". I know a lot of goth people & I will say they are some of the sweetest most real people i know. People look at me like I'm crazy because I have goth friends and I'm not really goth nor any other stereotype but I guess everyone has their own opinions. But seriously people need to lay off the goth kids are satanists stuff. They're people too and it's kinda sad that people just automatically assume that just because of the way they dress. CLOTHES DON'T MAKE WHO YOU ARE. So with that being said I'll go.

  8. LoN3lY GurL says:

    welp in mah opinion i think being gothic is awesome but i dont believe in the way they r... but i cut myself wen i feel left out... and im alwase lonely and no one kares about meeh so i mite become a gothic... dunt noe yet cuz im still thinkin..... its okay im not tha only 1

  9. blank says:

    I am young but very alone at my school i used to try to fit in, to belong but it all felt so empty. I fell into a deep depression realizing i did not know who i was or what i was supposed to do in life. So i started wearing my favorite color black, and quickly fell into the Gothic music. I am not a satanist but i do think the philosophy in it is very smart and should not be put down so much. I get angry allot, that no body cares or really knows who i am but ever since i have found out who i am i do feel better, and i really hope i can find someone who feels the same way, and not just read about them.

  10. chris says:

    i have to agree with most people here. im a christian goth but with very different views when it comes to that relegion. satanism and cutting is not a dominant feature in the culture, parents need to try and understand that. the culture is very open to anything. we're very different, yes, but i though humanity almost got past the whole "lets be afraid of whats different thing". thats what the sixties were for, and we got past it. To state my point, everyones entitled to an opinion and im not saying everybodys cut out for it, but goth is NOT bad.

  11. Rachael says:

    Okay look...Goth does not mean that you are depressed. It doesn't mean that you wanna kill people or yourself. It doesn't mean that you want to be part of a ritual in which you're killing animals. Goths DON'T always wear black. People have spent way to much time defining what Goth is and most of the time they're wrong. It encompasses such a large and diverse group of people. Yes there are some that partake in the aforementioned activities, but that group is a surprisingly small percentage of what's really going on in the "Goth lifestyle". In my opinion, real Gothic people are some of the most admirable people on the planet. Too many people are so tied up in material things and trying to fit in that they don't really have any idea who they are. A real Goth knows exactly who they are and are, in most cases, very comfortable with themselves. This is why when someone who isn't in that real Goth circle will look at someone who is and think they are strange looking or even act strange.
    Please, for the love of all things dark and beautiful, stop thinking that masochism has anything to do with being Goth!! I'm 31 and only recently "became Goth". I was admitted to a looney bin when I was 16 for cutting myself. Don't confuse growing up with being Goth. Goth is a state of mind that opens so many doors to so many new things. When you're comfortable with yourself, you're much more receptive to some things that might seems strange on the outside that turn out to be the best thing you've ever seen, tasted, smelled, written, read or been. Goth is about being open-minded, not about deep, dark depression.

  12. Kalimadran says:

    To me to be goth is to be free of wat soceity deams to be the acceptable path in life. To be goth is to forge ur own path through the vast forset of life. Life is and always will be wat u the individaul makes of it, and if that is following the lead of everyone around u and doing wat every one else says and does then ur not even an individual ur nothing but a robot. To be goth is to be a free thinker and approach every aspect of life with an open mind and open heart. In fact there is a famos Wiccan saying that says "Do as thy wilt and harm noone" that saying alone is very fitting cause it holds alot of meaning to alot of goths just cause they approach life and all things with a open mind. Now by all means I am not saying all goths are Wiccan cause that would be mainstream and doing wat everyone else does labeling everyone, which brings me to anothor point. I have yet to meet a goth who is judgemental in anyway goths are very realistic and take things for wat they r and then make up there own minds we dont live in a world were the the glass is half full or half empty ull simply get the reply u have half a glass of water cause thats wat it is half, nothing more nothing less. We take the bad with the good and then endure the bad untill the good comes around and if u spend ur life in a world were u only c the good in things ur going to get walked all over and not taken seroiusly.
    Most of the goths I know usally are also very in touch with there emotions but dont like to show it which doesnt mean that there cold hearted or whiners just means they have absoult control over there emotions and express them in a way that they see fit not in a way that is always socialy deamed acceptable. Weathor its music body art peircings poetry writing clothing or a hair stlye thats going to get a rise out of everyone walking passed them its wat we do and who is anyone else to judge. If I remember correctly the bible says let he who has not sinned cast the first stone now with that said show me 1 person in this world thats a christian and has never sinned. As far as religon goes first off one of the main reasons the fore fathers came to this country was to avoid religous perscicution which means to be able to pratice the religon of there choice weathor it be witchcraft or satanisum to christanity to muslum. With that said goths are about as religously diverse as everyone else in the world so plz with all due respect we don't force our beliefs on u or anyone else so don't think ur saving our souls by trying to push ur beliefs on us. Cause in case you havnt figured this out yet we don't care wat u think and were going to do wat we c fit no matter wat u say. O ya one more thing as u can conclude form this letter, is that I'm a goth and I also have a job now the worlds sterotype is that has been given to us would suggest that I work in the mall at a movie or music store or sell drugs or even better yet hang out in front of hot topic anyone who believes this is ubsurdly wrong. Now back to the fact that I have a job, I am a United States Solider serving in the Army and have 3 combat tours to Iraq under my belt serving as a 21b (combat engineer) and have never been in trouble with the law or done anything to break the law in anyway and I'm a goth and I'm proud of it and if u don't like it o well. So before u judge me tell me wats the last thing that u have done for ur country besides gripe and complain about everything around u. So I'm hear to tell u if u can't stand it anymore then get out of America cause I don't remember u standing to my left or right as I was defending this great nation. I do know a lot of goths that were standing to my left and right and that are still standing there to this day. That is the truest diffention of being goth by a goth. Written by : Kalimadran

  13. Topaz says:

    I'm a thirteen year old Goth
    and I'm sick with all the people who think Goths are bad or evil..
    If a Goth would take drugs or do suicide...
    It's his own and that doesn't mean that the other Goths are like that...

    I'm a Catholic and I do am God-fearing...
    Even though I like dark, horrific and gothic things..
    I still do my job as a child of God...

    People who aren't Goth have different perceptions about us...

    and I do appreciate those people who understands what Goths are really are...

    Good day and have a nice night!


  14. Dillon says:

    I agree with all of my fellow goths here in that Gothicism is not a bad thing.People who judge our culture are usually tragically misinformed , and therefor tend to spread their ideals on to other people.This is what leads to everybody believing that we are all evil, devil worshipers etc. It is like that game called telephone.

  15. crazywhitegirl says:

    i am kinda goth i guess. i dress in black and i love most of the music but i am also a devoted christian as well. my mom totally freaked wen i startd wearin black nail polish and stuf but i lookd up sum info and found this website. thnk u so much btw. i hav tried to dress diffrent like in bright colors and my friends( none of which are goths actually) ask me y i changed my look. i am always being told that i look good the way i dress, but my dad keeps sayin stuf likes its satanic the way i dress and he wont believe me wen i tell him it isnt but oh well cuz im me and even tho i dress gothic and listen to the music, im still one of the loudest people at skool and people think im awesome and i am loved by almost everyone. thank u so much for this article. it helpd me convince at least one of my parents that im ok.

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