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Heaven’s Gate — Research Resources

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Secular All about Heaven's Gate cult by Katherine Ramsland, Crime Library.
Secular Heaven's Gate: The Sequel LA Weekly, March 21, 2007. "Ten years after the 39 suicides, the sole survivor is back – and he has something urgent to tell us." By Joshua Bearman

Rio DiAngelo has a message he wants to share with the world. It’s an important message, one that begins in space. That’s where he came from, and where he will one day return, following in the footsteps of his 39 friends.


Secular Bounded Choice: True Believers and Charismatic Cults by cult expert Janja Lalich. Highly recommended.

Heaven's Gate, a secretive group of celibate "monks" awaiting pickup by a UFO, captured intense public attention in 1997 when its members committed collective suicide. As a way of understanding such perplexing events, many have seen those who join cults as needy, lost souls, unable to think for themselves. This book, a compelling look at the cult phenomenon written for a wide audience, dispels such simple formulations by explaining how normal, intelligent people can give up years of their lives--and sometimes their very lives--to groups and beliefs that appear bizarre and irrational. Looking closely at Heaven's Gate and at the Democratic Workers Party, a radical political group of the 1970s and 1980s, Janja Lalich gives us a rare insider's look at these two cults and advances a new theoretical framework that will reshape our understanding of those who join such groups.

Secular The Keepers of Heaven's Gate : The Millennial Madness, the Religion Behind the Rancho Santa Fe Suicides, by William Henry. Basically a news tie-in book.


BBC Documentary on Heaven's Gate

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Apologetics Index research resource Heaven's Gate news tracker &news archive

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Apologetics Index research resource Cult FAQ Frequently Asked Questions About Cults - including research resources, and resources for ex-cult members -- such as suggestions on how to select a cult counselor/expert.


Non-Christian Heaven's Gate -- How and When It May Be Entered The group's official website remains online. For a while it is maintained by two survivors of the cult, Rkkody (Charles Humphrey), and a woman named Crlody. Two months after 39 members of the group had committed suicide, Rkkody tried to commit suicide himself -- together with another man. Rkkody survived. In February, 1988, he succeeded in killing himself. A mirror of his website is still online.

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