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Mungiki – Comments

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2 Responses to “Mungiki – Comments”

  1. gicingiri mwai says:

    The government of kenya is trying very much to fight the Mungiki sect using police forces and other machineries of violence. The government will never win this war with violence and jail terms. The sect itself is very spiritual and whether they are jailed or beaten the spirit remains. The government can use violence to put the bodies in confinement and others in their graves but the spirit cannot die. "you can kill the body but not the spirits. The fight itself should be left to religious leaders who have restrained themselves from commenting from this issue. The sect is a well organised grouping with chain of command and structures. When a vehicle is burnt by the members or a matatu driver is killed, arresting the killers will not solve much other than doing the justice of punishing the crime it leaves the spirit intact. When such crimes are done it is usually an order from a senior member and it has to be followed whether it is only 10 members of the sect at such a point or even a million. Arresting Maina Njenga,the spiritual leader of the sect did not solve anything since the structures have already taken care of that. The media should write or broadcast information that is accurate and reliable as I know for sure the mislead on people on this issue.
    When koigi wa Wamwere says that it is related with unemployment partly he is correct. I have observed with a great concern that this issue amplified when hawkers were kicked out of the Nairobi City. Many of them were members and when this happened they actually went to the roads to collect taxes. if actually the government does not want them to earn in the streets and there is no employment opportunities and it is collecting taxes from them in the name of helping them, they can also collect on its behalf and they help themselves.

    I also disagree with the theory of unemployment being the cause of this. The sect came into place with no such intentions and many conversions were made when it was just religious and not commercial. The group is trying to fill a religious vacuum which is there for those who are brave enough to reject religious colonisation.
    The problem is that when they joined together they became very powerful due to the mob and unity. The power corrupted as absolute power corrupts absolutely.
    The public and the media are blaming the police but the police cannot come in my village where I come from and arrest a 10 years old boy who have been recruited recently. They arrest the seniors but they cannot make the child not to grow and become a senior and after that terrorise. How mny policemen have been killede with their guns on their hands by them?
    How many times have they raided police stations? The government is fighting a spiritual fight with the wrong tools.
    When Michuki says that 11 MPs are somehow supporting them he has intelligence information which is given to him on daily basis. This is just a social conflict where some people are reated like aliens in their society making them to hit back. I support the minister statement as totally true.
    The group structures can be finished by arrests or shooting on sight. It is a philosophy which can be taught in school as any other.

  2. Capt. Collins Wanderi says:

    The activities of this sect are evil, criminal and inimical to the economic, social, cultural and political development of the people who inhabit the central region of Kenya. The sect has rendered ordinary life almost impossible in many parts of the City of Nairobi and Central Kenya. It has managed to scare off budding investors in the transport industry and forced small scale traders and teachers to abandon their upcountry homes for the safety of the nearest urban centers. The sect has disrupted the social life of the people in Central Kenya and made activities such as fund raising and dowry negotiations very risky since members of the sect return to homes where such an activity has taken place to demand ransom.

    This sect must be condemened and fought by all progressive people, political and religious leaders in the region since its actvities are retrogressive and inimical to modern trends. Political leaders in the region must avoid making public statements which create an impression in the minds of the scurity forces and law enforcement agents that the sect should be handled with kid gloves. This sect and its adherents deserve no mercy.

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This post was last updated: May. 11, 2007