From Darkness to Light: How to Rescue Someone You Love from the Occult

Occultists. Takes one to know one. In From Darkness to Light Jeff Harshbarger, a former Satanist, tells his own story of his descent into a hellish life, attempts at suicide that went astonishingly wrong, an embrace from Jesus Christ who loved him too much to let him die, a life turned around, and gratitude in a ministry of helping people come out of the occult.

Former Satanist, Jeff Harshbarger, and his wife Liz founded and currently operate Refuge Ministries, located in South Carolina, US.

Jeff has a M.A. in Pastoral Counseling and a M.A. in Youth Ministry. He is much in demand as a speaker on campuses and for organizations whose members work with young people at risk.

Jeff and Liz have served over a decade as children, youth and family ministers. They currently serve as Family ministry/Pastoral Counseling at Calvary Chapel Aiken, S.C.