Faith Healing – False Teachings and Claims

False teachings on faith healing vary from group to group. Many attribute all sickness to demonic activity and include exorcism as a tool of faith healing.

Others, especially certain teachers associated with the word-faith movement, blame sickness on anything from unbelief to sin, and often tie promises of healing to slick pitches for financial contributions.

Many preachers make false claims about alleged faith healings, or – when asked for verifiable accounts – come up with next to nothing (e.g. Benny Hinn).

Claims of faith healings are also rife within controversial renewal and revival movements:

Claims of miracles occurring at these services (or in distant countries where they cannot be verified) are multiplying and becoming more and more wildly unbelievable all the time. Those who do not accept second hand accounts of miracles giving no names or facts are derided as lacking ”faith,” refusing to believe what does not fit ”their own tradition,” or ”putting God in a box.” ”Cessationist” has become a dreadful thing to be labeled. It is amazing to see how many succumb to this peer pressure and check their minds at the mention of the word ”miracle.” Yet so far there have not been any medically verified, true, supernatural, biblical miracles; it is pretty much the traditional faith healing story, with most claims concerning those ailments most susceptible to emotional influence, as in all the religions and systems of thought centered on producing healings.
– Source: ”Reaching the Lost” with Signs & Wonders, The Way of Cain

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