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2007, Feb. 8-10: EMNR 2007 National Conference


Birmingham Conference on Biblical Discernment
The Church: Change Agents in Future


February 8-10, 2007


The Church at Brook Hills, Birmingham, Alabama

Plenary Session

"Reaching Spiritual Cultures in Our Own Backyard and Beyond: The American Mission Field in the 21st Century" – Dr. David Platt, Senior Pastor: The Church at Brook Hills

"Christians Coming Out of the Closet" – Dr. Ergun Caner: President: Liberty Theological Seminary

"Looking East - Mysticism Creeps Into the Church" – Lorri MacGregor: Director, MacGregor Ministries

"Reclaiming the Culture with Truth" – Dr. Dave Johnson President, Contend for the Faith

"Scientology: A View From the Inside" – Karen Pressley: Founder, Wings of Love Ministries

Nietzsche, the Death of God, and the Emerging Church Movement – Bill Honsberger: Director of M.A. Program in Christian Apologetics: Haven Ministry


General Apologetics – The Church

The Emerging Church: A New Kind of Heresy? – Dave Johnson

The Emerging Church Movement: Healthy or Heretical? – Craig Branch

What Saith Rome? – Don Veinot

Ole Anthony, The Trinity Foundation and the Cult Controversy – David Clark

The Modalism of T.D. Jakes – Clete Hux

General Apologetics – The Culture

The 21st Century Church and Global Disciple-making – Billy Edmonds

College: The Crucible of Faith – Pablo Herrera

God and Government – Dave Johnson

Teaching theology through Pop Culture – Brandon Robbins

Got Discernment?: A Prophet View – Jay Howard

The Gay Christian Movement – Paul Scozzafava

General Apologetics – Theology

Defending the Deity of Christ: The Five Things You Need to Know – Rob Bowman

How to Speak the Truth and Not Be an Arrogant Pain in the Neck – Rob Bowman

Do We Have the Right Books? – Craig Branch

How to Defend the Trinity with the Oneness Pentecostals – Paul Scozzafava

World Religions and Their Cults

Islam: Its Founder, Beliefs, and Practices – Jay Howard

Islam: Peaceful? – Don Veinot

Do All Roads Lead to Mt. Carmel? An Evangelical Study of the Baha'i Faith – John Ferrer

The Lotus, the Cross and Spiritual Confusion: Are Jesus and Buddha Twin Sons of Different Mothers? – Bill Honsberger

Advaita Vedanta: The Roots and Fruit of a Movement – Bill Honsberger

The Kabbalah: Getting Back to Eden – Marcia Montenegro

Jehovah’s Witnesses

Personal Identity and the Jehovah’s Witness View of Resurrection – Steve Cowan

Creating Your Own Jesus - Distortions in the New World Translation – Lorri MacGregor

Watchtower False Prophecy Pack – Keith Walker

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints: Mormonism

Locating and Moving Latter-day Saints: Where’s the Mormon You’re Talking To? – Joel Groat

It Takes a Miracle to Receive Forgiveness – Tim Martin

Warren Jeffs and Joseph Smith: Contrasts and Similarities – Bill McKeever

The Impossible Gospel of Mormonism – Keith Walker


The Masonic Lodge: What Christians Need to Know – David Clark


Do You See Dead People? The World of After-Death Communication – Marcia Montenegro

Tool Time: The Tools and Devices of the Occult – Marcia Montenegro

Spiritual Abuse

Designer Sheepskins: Recognizing Abusive Leadership – Steve Hogel

Word-Faith Movement

Your Best Life Now? Assessing Joel Osteen's Prosperity Message – Rob Bowman

The Ever-Increasing Heresies of the Word-Faith Movement – Lorri MacGregor

Conference Brochure

View the conference brochurePDF file

Pricing, Registration, Other Details

For additional information, see the conference information at the EMNR website.

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