2007, Jan. 15 – Mar. 26: Dialogue Ireland 2007 Conference: Cracking Cults


  1. 2007, Jan. 15 - Mar. 26: Dialogue Ireland 2007 Conference: Cracking Cults

The 2007 Dialogue Ireland Conference consists of a series of seminars, hosted in Dublin on various dates between January 15 and March 26.


The 1978 ‘Jonestown’ massacre began a series of cult explosions which culminated in the September 11 suicide missions. In between these events there were outbreaks of cultist violence in 1993 in Waco, the Solar Temple in 1994, Aum Supreme Truth, killed people on the subway in Japan in 1995. 1997 saw the suicides in San Diego of ‘Heaven’s Gate’. Again 2000 there was the Marian Cult, ‘The Ten Commandments of God’ in Uganda which killed all its members. All the world’s religions have had cultist elements.

Even the cults of nationalism and secularism have contributed to this phenomenon. Cracking Cults is a course of 10 seminars organised by Dialogue Ireland and delivered by Ireland’s leading expert on cults, Mike Garde. He will be joined by a number of experts in areas like Crime, Politics, Islam, and Eastern Religion who will look at their area of expertise from a cultist perspective. Its aim is to analyse the cult phenomenon, how cults operate, how seemingly normal people can be induced to plant bombs or change radically after a short period of membership, and how some can be both political and religious in form.

While the focus of the course will be on religious, human potential and philosophical groups, it will stress that cults are not so much entities, but more pervasive attitudes and tendencies that can appear in any group including our own. Hence the course will use the lens of cultism to shed light in dark places in the more general areas of crime and politics but also enable those participating to be equipped to recognise and guard against the power of cults to corrupt and control. This course is a must for anyone with even the slightest interest in the health of our society who wants to study the cultist attitudes and tendencies found here.
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15 January 2007
1. What is a cult? Course outline and definitions; Mike Garde

22 January 2007
2. Criminal Cults; Paul Williams and Mike Garde

29 January 2007
3. Cultist attitudes and tendencies in Religion; Mike Garde

5 February 2007
4. Political Cults; Dr Mark Dooley

12 February 2007
5. Eastern Religiosity/New Age and Cultism; Fr Louis Hughes OP

19 February 2007
6. The Cult of Islamism within Islam; Sheikh Shaheed Satardien and Mike Garde

26 February 2007
7. Addiction & Cults; Alan O’Dwyer and Mike Garde

5 March 2007
8. The New Messiahs. Examination of main cult leaders of history; Mike Garde
One case study: Charles T. Russell founder of the Jehovah’s Witnesses; Joe Leddy

12 March 2007
9. Secularism as new cultist movement; David Quinn

26 March 2007
10. Conclusions: The Cults of the Celtic Tiger; Mike Garde


Each seminar is held from 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm, at Ulysses House, 22-24 Foley Street, Dublin 1 (parallel to Talbot Street), Ireland

The cost of each seminar is €30.


Tel (01) 830 9384 or (087) 239 6229
Email: info@dialogueireland.org
Conference BrochurePDF file
Website: Dialogue Ireland

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  1. 2007, Jan. 15 - Mar. 26: Dialogue Ireland 2007 Conference: Cracking Cults

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