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Remnant Fellowship: Religious cult founded by Gwen Shamblin sues countercult ministry

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  2. Remnant Fellowship: Religious cult founded by Gwen Shamblin sues countercult ministry

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Lawsuit Filed

Gwen Shamblin and 66 other members of Remnant Fellowship, the religious movement she founded, have filed a lawsuitPDF file against an anonymous blogger, and against Rev. Rafael D Martinez of Spiritwatch Ministries.

Statement by Spiritwatch Ministries

The following statement, by Rev. Rafael D Martinez, is quoted from the website of Spiritwatch Ministries, a Christian apologetics and countercult ministry in Cleveland, Tennessee:

On December 21, 2006, I was personally served a summons by the Bradley County Sheriff's Department to appear and defend myself against a civil action filed against me by self-proclaimed "prophet" Gwen Shamblin and 66 other members of her cultic movement, the Remnant Fellowship based in Franklin, Tennessee. The case number 06448 was filed on November 6, 2006 in the Circuit Court of Williamson County, Tennessee. The civil action alleges that I have, in the course of my ministry here on the Spiritwatch website, "published one or more written false statements that were intended to impeach Plaintiffs' honesty, integrity, virtue, and/or reputation" and that Shamblin and her following have incurred irreparable "damages to their reputations and potential incomes." It ominously goes on to say that they "are not limited to the following .." and cited three paragraphs from my critical writings on Remnant Fellowship, claiming they are "lies and falsehoods."

So along with these allegations and the usual blackening of character someone being sued for slander will usually get, came the request for judgment against myself for damages exceeding 3.3 million dollars, alleging I have been wilfully and maliciously engaged in defamation

Aside from several unusual things about this lawsuit, I noted that I was not the only defendant. The suit names as a co-defendent one "Anonymous Blogger" of whom I have no connection with and who most of the lawsuit's fury is directed against. This unknown person posted for several months on a personal blog a lot of negative information on many of these same plaintiffs in the lawsuit. However, it would appear that the pretensive posturing taken against this shadowy figure in the lawsuit provided for Shamblin and her flock an opportunity to file a lawsuit against me personally, alleging defamation. In essence, this absurd litigation is entirely aimed at myself, and by default, our ministry.

The allegations made against myself as having intentionally engaged in defamation and malice aimed at ruining reputations are entirely baseless, equally slanderous and will be vigorously defended against in a court of law. This is nothing less than an attack upon my freedom of speech, a faculty intolerable to cultic movements like Gwen Shamblin's Remnant Fellowship. Each of the three paragraphs cited in the litigation contain truth claims I have made in the course of my research that are factual realities I unveiled to warn others against the damaging extremism that Remnant Fellowship's veneer of public orthodoxy cloaks. They are hardly "lies" and "falsehoods." The nature of our ministry is to warn the public about deceptive cultism, a ministration which Shamblin would desire to see silenced so she may continue her deceptive career. By the grace of God, we fully trust that this will never occur.

So who says Gwen doesn't believe in Christmas? She sent me an early gift, one I took with humility and rejoicing (Matthew 5:11-12). The unvarnished truth is my defense, as well as the fortress of my One True God in Christ by the Spirit and it will be all established in a way beyond refutation .. thanks to this frivolous opportunism by a cultic movement finding itself increasingly under scrutiny.
- Source: Statement On Gwen Shamblin et al Litigation Filed Against Spiritwatch Ministries, by Rev. Rafael D Martinez, Co-Director, Spiritwatch Ministries

Martinez has also posted a copy of his legal response to the lawsuitPDF file

Anonymous Blogger

The lawsuit, filed November 6, 2006, also refers to "false statetements on the Anonymous Blogger's website". The website in question, hosted on Google's Blogger as no longer includes the comments referred to in the lawsuit.

Instead, on November 28, 2006, the entries were deleted and replaced with two messages still posted. One entry provides two links to websites operated by Remnant Fellowship, along with the message, "This will be my last posting, please visit these sites for more information."

The other entry appears to indicate a change of heart:

Although I doubt you are concerned in the slightest, I just felt I had to write. I have in the past been posting to a condescending blog about the Remnant Fellowship.

Although I have had so many opportunities to hear, something that was said over the holidays has really struck me and today I sat down for the first time and really listened.

Satan really has blinded me to my own beliefs, not God's. I do not know how I could have been so blind as to believe that I alone understood. This has really troubled me, and I turned off the messaging yesterday. Today I could no longer wait really felt that God was urging me to act immediately. I returned home early to delete the blog and mail entirely.

I can scarcely apologize to you, someone I derided so arrogantly and so wrongly.
- Source: Remnant Fellowship and Gwen Shamblin

Comments by Apologetics Index

Gwen Shamblin is a registered dietitian and has experience as an instructor of nutrition at Memphis State University. She is the author of the popular, but controversial, Weigh Down Diet.

In recent years, Shamblin has been in the news for her adamant rejection of the doctrine of the Trinity - one of the central doctrines of the Christian faith.

Shamblin is the founder of Remnant Fellowship, a church movement that - due to its rejection of a key doctrine of the Christian faith - must be considered to be, theologically, a cult of Christianity.

Sociologically, Remnant Fellowship has cultic characteristics as well.

Apologetics is the branch of Christian theology concerned with the logical presentation and defense of the Christian faith, and is aimed at challenges from both outside and inside the Church.

Apologetics ministry (sometimes referred to as 'discernment ministry' and/or 'countercult ministry') includes the application of spiritual discernment along with knowledge of the essential doctrines of the Christian faith.

Essentially all Christians should be involved in apologetics, but some who are especially gifted in this area are usually referred to as apologists.

One of the tasks of an apologist is to evaluate whether or not the teachings and/or practices of those teachers, churches and movements which identify themselves as 'Christian' violate the essential doctrines of the Christian faith - and if so, to what extent.

The term 'cult of Christianity' is used of a group, church or organization whose central teachings and/or practices are claimed to be biblical, but which are in fact unbiblical.

The term can also be applied to groups, organizations or churches whose statement of faith may sound orthodox, but who add aberrant, heterodox, sub-orthodox and/or heretical teachings to such an extend that the essential doctrines of the Christian faith are negatively affected.

See also: Sociological vs. Theological Definitions of the term 'cult,' published by CultFAQ (Apologetics Index).

April 10: Cult leader drops lawsuit

On April 10, 2007, Remnant Fellowship's lawyer filed for a complete dismissal of the lawsuit. Raphael Martinez comments:

We felt all along that the suit was entirely orchestrated by Gwen Shamblin's arrogance and paranoia. Those 67 other plaintiffs were just puppets she lined up behind herself to feel larger then life, ten feet tall and bulletproof. But it was her house of cards that collapsed when it suddenly dawned on her that she was going to be engaged by a vigorous legal defense and that she and her cult would have to face a scrutiny unlike any she's had before. Unlike the lawsuits she successfully sealed under confidential settlement orders with her former employees, and the deal she struck with prosecutors at the Smith murder trial in which attention on Remnant would be muted, she was going to face the potential of an expose in a court of law. Being a cult leader thriving on secrecy and deception, she couldn't abide having the full light of examination focused on her for long and still be able to keep her pretense of divine authority draped over herself. So she did the only thing her impetuous impulsiveness could do when confronted by a situation she couldn't spin, control or dominate - she turned tail and ran.

In fact, it's Shamblin's own muted admission that she cannot even support her own false accusations she makes of us, much less defend herself and her sect against the truth we've uncovered about her abusive cult. We hope that this gives her flock some serious things to think about the truthfulness of their 'prophet' whom they've been misled by at such great cost to them personally. It is they who are the victims of ruthless exploitation here and we still pray for both them and Shamblin herself, who will have much to answer for in the next world if she doesn't speedily repent.
- Source: Statements On Gwen Shamblin et al Litigation Filed Against Spiritwatch Ministries

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3 Responses to “Remnant Fellowship: Religious cult founded by Gwen Shamblin sues countercult ministry”

  1. I have tremendous respect for Mr. Martinez for exposing Gwen Shamblin and her PHONY REMNANT CHURCH! I too was sucked in by her Cult in January of 2000. At the time, of course, I didn't realize what a Cult it was, but some of the things that she would say, didn't really SIT WELL with me, and I didn't understand why? That is, until I read that she denied the Trinity. Mr. Martinez's statement regarding Mrs. Shamblin dropping the lawsuit speaks VOLUMES!!! Of course Mrs. Shamblin doesn't want to be exposed for the hypocrit that she is! Shamblin talks about people who love money, but she sells everything from books to bracelets at her "Festivals" in order to serve herself. Not only that, but I have read of many people selling their homes and giving the money to Gwen in order to follow her. Isn't that what people did to follow Jim Jones? If anyone is MONEY HUNGRY, it is Gwen Shamblin!

  2. Keesha says:

    I was involved with Remenant Fellowship for quite awhile, it IS a CULT they are contolling your every move. they live and breath together, they worship Gwen Shamblin (scamblin)not God they don't realize it cause they are so brain washed, I feel so sorry for them. I pray that they will wake up. They have had 2 leaders leave due to things they saw and experienced wrong doing. They have another leader divorcing and they have had several couples who have divorced in the last 2 years, and some where even married under this cult, and they have always claimed to be the church with out divorce and that they bring marriages back together. She claims to have permenent weigh loss, but this is not true, if you go there you would see some are thin, but starving themselves and after a while the body can't take it and they start gaining weight due to their body being in that mode for so long, even her own son Micheal has gain a lot of weight, just look at the pictures. Not to mention there has been serveral business run by Gwen that do things not on the up and up. There is sexual immorality going on, even among the leadership and the leaders children, Gwen even admitted to her son Michael being into porn (I describe this as Sodom & Gomorrah). This is sick and people need to get out and this place needs to be shut down before it ends up like the other cults or worse.

  3. Keesha says:

    We have a son and a daughter who saw this and didn't like it. And about the couple who went to prision for the death of their son, that is all due to the advice of Tedd Anger & Gwen Shamblin guidence on how to discipline their child. I pray to God that this place stops, Gwen and all the puppets say she is a prophet from God, but she is not following God it is satan who is in control and has them all fooled.

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