Evangelische Informationsstelle: Kirchen – Sekten – Religionen

Evangelische Informationsstelle: Kirchen – Sekten – Religionen, is a German-language, Evangelical Christian consumer protection agency in Switzerland.

The organization, which operated the relinfo.ch website, was founded in the 1963 by Oswald Eggenberger, a reformed preacher who authored many books about religious cults, sects and new religious movements.

Since 1993, the Evangelischen Informationsstelle: Kirchen – Sekten – Religionen has been led by Georg Schmid, professor of theology at the University of Zurich. He is the author of a number of books on religions and sects.


Christian Relinfo.ch Official website of the Evangelische Informationsstelle: Kirchen – Sekten – Religionen. Most of the information provided is in the German language, but the site does include some links to information in English.

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