Jung Myung Seok – False Teacher, False Messiah

Seok the Messiah

In his youth, Jung Myung Seok was a member of the Unification Church, the cult of Christianity founded and operated by Sun Myung Moon. When he started his own religious movement Jung, like Moon, also claimed to be the Messiah.

Jong, age 57, is said to have joined the Unification Church in his teens, but left to establish his own religion around 1980. It now claims 150,000 adherents in Korea and from the late 1980s also began making inroads in Japan, where it has attracted more than 1,000 members. Recruitment activities typically take place on college campuses, through infiltration of sports clubs and other extracurricular circles.

“The church’s doctrine is composed of the so-called ‘30 precepts,’ although it’s pretty clear that they’re derived from the Unification Church,” explains Toyoshige Aizawa, a Christian minister engaged in weaning young people away from cults.

“Jong has twisted the biblical story of Adam and Eve to deal with sex, saying, ‘To atone for Adam and Eve’s original sin, which was visited upon all mankind, it’s necessary to engage in intercourse with the Lord.’ In this case, he means himself, since he claims to be a reincarnation of Jesus.”
– Source: ‘Love’ cult snares students, The Japan Times, Japan, Oct. 27, 2002



The JMS 30 lesson Bible course is almost identical to billionaire Sun Myoung Moon’s “Divine Principles,” the Bible course of his Unification Church, the difference being which leader each course identifies as the Messiah. In his teens, Jeong was reportedly a follower of Moon; undoubtedly, that is where he learnt claiming to be God can be profitable.

The English 30 lessons never give Jeong’s full name. He is referred to as “Our founder” or “R,” short for rabbi, ironic since Jeong has praised Hitler. On English websites he is called either Joshua Jung or Joshua Lee. Students taking this course are never allowed to take the materials home with them. This control of information makes it harder for students to reflect critically on the material.

JMS events are also designed to promote sleep deprivation, which aids in the indoctrination process by impairing critical thinking skills. There are 4am daily dawn services and overly long weekend services and events: sometimes all night, sometimes all day, sometimes both.
– Source: Peter Daley, Jung Myung Seok: How to Spot a Woolly Wolf, Keimyung Gazette, Keimyung University, South Korea, Feb. 1, 2006



The “Providence” movement of Joshua Jung rests heavily upon two principal beliefs: that 2000 years ago, the work and message of Jesus Christ were not complete, and that we now live in a new time period that requires a new understanding of scripture and a new “Lord”.

This second point is significant in that it gives license to Jung to reinterpret any aspect of traditional teaching by labeling it as newly inspired revelation. Many terms such as “resurrection” and “born again” take on new meaning based upon his interpretations and his new understanding of the bible’s figurative language.

However, it is the first point that flies in the face of sound biblical doctrine. Jung teaches that the salvation message of Jesus was incomplete, having been interrupted through man’s interference and subsequent crucifixion of Christ. Because of this, he teaches that we cannot truly experience the “better” resurrection unless we follow the new revelation of his teachings.

[T]he teachings of Joshua Jung go far beyond doctrinal differences. His proclamation that he is the “Lord of the Second Coming” is blasphemous. His insistence that the bible is to be interpreted through his teaching because he alone is the “one who receives Jesus’ spirit, power, mission and heart” is blasphemous. His belief that believers are to “get out of a literal understanding of the Bible” is dangerous and makes one vulnerable to any man’s interpretation.
– Source: Providence Teachings, Providence Cult Watch

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