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Secular Denmark’s Tvind BBC Radio 4 on Thursday 21st March 2002

News Tracker & News Archive

news articles about Tvind, Humana, and Planet Aid Tvind news tracker & news archive.

Web Sites

  • Brief information on Tvind by Danish historian Jes Fabricius Møller, excerpted from his Danish-language book, PåSejrens Vej (On the road to victory – the story of the School Co-operation Tvind and its creator Mogens Amdi Petersen). German-language excerpts can be read here. [Note, these site are archived at the Internet Archive]. See also the site below.
  • Tvind News Updatesoffsite In 2010 Jes Fabricius Møller started this blog as the continuation of his previous website (see above)
  • Tvind Alert: “An investigative website into the Humana People-to-People organisation and the international Tvind movement”
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