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A Brief History of the Alamo Christian Foundation by Eric W. Francke

Is He a Prophet, Promoter or Profiteer? Los Angeles Times, July 11, 1993

The Ravening Wolf, Catholic-Hating Organization Reemerges, By Susy Buchanan, Intelligence Report, Fall 2007

Scattered former acolytes have long accused Alamo of mind control, con artistry, and mental and physical abuse of his followers. Now, momentum to hold accountable the man known as “Papa Tony” is on the rise. In the last two years, former followers have come together on the Internet, establishing online forums where they offer mutual support and document a litany of personal horror stories. Even more importantly, a number of ex-cult members and family members of several of those still inside have reported to law enforcement allegations of serious crimes including physical abuse, statutory rape and polygamy. At the same time, neighboring townsfolk in Arkansas are organizing against the cult. Yet despite the controversy once again roiling about their pastor, Tony Alamo’s army of followers remain nonplussed, continuing to recruit new members with beatific smiles and energetic cries of “Praise the Lord!”

Tony Alamo aka: Tony Alamo Christian Ministries Entry in the Encyclopedia of Arkansas History & Culture


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The Real Tony Alamo (Contra) Website created by a critic of Tony Alamo. Includes, quotes culled from his teachings and a record of Alamo’s legal entanglements.

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