[Past event] The National Conference on Christian Apologetics


The National Conference on Christian Apologetics.


Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell, Ravi Zacharias, Gary Habermas, Erwin Lutzer, Mark Mittelberg, and many others


  • Will this be the last “Last Christian Generation”?
  • 7 Reasons that you can trust the Bible
  • How can we be sure that Jesus Christ rose from the dead?
  • Dealing with doubts
  • God Yes, But Why Jesus?
  • A Christian Response to Islam
  • What Are the Essentials of the Faith?
  • How to share Christ with others through apologetics
  • What evidence is there that God exists?
  • “Core truths” for an unshakable faith
  • Is there ancient evidence for the life of Christ?
  • Creation vs. Evolution (and why it matters)
  • Cult-proofing your teens
  • A Christian response to Wicca and the occult
  • Teaching teens to use discernment in our media-driven culture
  • Homeschooling workshop for parents (with Paul and Gina Suarez of Homeschoolblogger.com)
  • What is the truly Christian position on homosexuality and morality?
  • Practical ways to incorporate apologetics / Christian worldview into the ministry of your local church
  • And many more….


Included: apologetics for teens track:

The 2006 National Conference on Christian Apologetics features a unique series of apologetics sessions for teens: “Dare2DigDeeper” hosted in association with Focus On The Family.

The “Dare2DigDeeper” sessions will feature Focus On The Family personalities and other youth apologetics communicators (such as Alison Thomas of RZIM, former pro football player Derwin Gray, and award-winning speaker Keith Deltano).

Melissa Fryear, a former lesbian, now works for James Dobson and is helping to head up “Love Won Out,” a ministry to homosexual. She will speak on “Sharing Christ with Homosexuals” and on “A Biblical Basis for Absolute Morality.”

Bob Smithhouser, editor of the award winning magazine by Focus on the Family, “Plugged In” and nationally one of the most respected Christian experts on media and culture, will speak on “Movies! Computers! Games! Music! Internet! Keeping a Christian Perspective in a Media Driven Culture.”

  • How to share the faith confidently and effectively
  • Facts about the trustworthiness of the Bible
  • Absolute truth, and “why it matters”
  • Creation vs. evolution
  • Wicca, witchcraft, and the occult
  • Moral purity / sexual abstinence
  • and much more . . .

Why do an “event within the event,” and why should teens experience Dare2DigDeeper? Studies show that many teens (even teens in church) do not have a solid grasp on biblical truth and how to defend their faith.

“Dare 2 Dig Deeper” is part of Focus On The Family’s plan to equip a new generation to stand up for the Christian message. By encouraging youth and adults to attend “Dare 2 Dig Deeper” and The National Conference on Christian Apologetics, you are making an investment in the spiritual welfare of your family, church, and nation.


November 10-11, 2006


Hickory Grove Baptist Church, North Campus, 2350 Odell School Road, Charlotte, NC 28262


$ 40.00 standard registration, $ 30.00 teen/student registration

Register online

For Advance Tickets call: 1-800-77-TRUTH (x. 210)

Conference Web Site


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