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Conversations with God for Teens: Don’t Talk to Strangers by Marcia Montenegro, Christian Answers for the New Age This article is addressed to adults. There’s something about ‘Conversations with God for Teens’ by the same author is addressed to teens.

Conversations with the Counterfeit by Craig Branch, Watchman Fellowship

Walsch, too, promotes aspects of Taoism’s concept of yin-yang (pp. 24-25); Buddhism’s renunciation life (p. 100), magick or witchcraft (p. 74), reincarnation (p. 193), and the existence of extra-terrestrials (pp. 208-209). Walsch also teaches that Jesus was just another master teacher like Krishna or Buddha and that Jesus was not perfect (pp. 86, 192). Both Van Praagh and Walsch, typical of New Age teachers, frequently twist Scripture (which they say can’t be trusted in the first place), to make it fit their own concepts.

Conversations with the God of this Age“Neale Donald Walsch’s Connections with the dark side”, By John Winston Moore, SCP Journal (published by Spiritual Counterfeits Project), volume 22:02-03, Summer/Fall 1998

On Conversations With GodElliot Benjamin, Ph.D., author of Modern Religions: An Experiential Analysis And Exposé, wonders, “Is Neale Donald Walsch, the founder of the Conversations with God organization, a guru?” (and concludes that he is not).

Book Reviews

Conversations With God by Neale David Walsch Reviewed by Dave Schwier, Xenos Christian Fellowship

A Summary Critique: Conversations with God: An Uncommon Dialogue by Ronald Cap Ehlke, for the Christian Research Institute.

Conversations With Which God?“Looking at Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations With God, Book 1” by Marcia Montenegro, of Christian Answers for the New Age


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ReCreation Foundation Official site of Neale Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God Foundation.

The ReCreation Foundation, Inc. also known as The Conversations with God Foundation, is a non-profit foundation created by Nancy and Neale Donald Walsch to address the overwhelming response from people around the world who desire to do something tangible to spread the message of Conversations with God. In order to help people ‘be the change they wish to see’, the Foundation has created retreats, activities and programs that allow people to use this message to change both their own lives and the world at large.