Spellbound – Topics Covered

Following is the Table of Contents for Spellbound – The Paranormal Seduction of Today’s Kids:

(After each chapter in chapters 1-15, practical tips are offered on covering the chapter’s topics with children and teens; chapters 16-18 provide a biblical approach in dealing with the entire subject matter)

PART ONE: What Is the Paranormal and Why Is It A Threat to Our Kids?

  • Chapter 1 What is the Paranormal? The Hidden and Forbidden
  • Chapter 2 Hidden Meanings, Hidden Powers, Hidden Beings
  • Chapter 3 Fantasy vs. the Paranormal
  • Chapter 4 Bewitching Entertainment
  • Chapter 5 The Dark Side

PART TWO: What Aspects of the Paranormal Do Our Kids Encounter? Where Divination, Sorcery, and Spirit Contact Touch Our Kids

  • Chapter 6 What’s Your Sign? The Mystique and Mistake of Astrology
  • Chapter 7 Who Are the Psychics and Can They Help?
  • Chapter 8 Divination – Not Divine!
  • Chapter 9 Is Magic Just in Fairy Tales? Part One
  • Chapter 10 Is Magic Just in Fairy Tales? Part Two
  • Chapter 11 Magic As A Game
  • Chapter 12 Angels of Light: Deception From Beyond, Part One
  • Chapter 13 Angels of Light: Deception From Beyond, Part Two
  • Chapter 14 The Ouija Board: Dialing for Danger?
  • Chapter 15 Auras, The Astral Plane, Astral Travel, Energy, and Symbols

PART THREE: Talking To Your Kids About the Paranormal

  • Chapter 16 Taking A Stand: The Fear of God Is The Beginning Of Wisdom
  • Chapter 17 Responding To Objections
  • Chapter 18 Protecting and Equipping Your Kids

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