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Polygamy was rejected under the gun The Salt Lake Tribune, USA, Mar. 14, 2004

Despite a century of efforts to distance itself from polygamy, the notion of multiple wives clings to the LDS Church in the popular mind.

That’s because it was once at the heart of Mormon identity — defended from the pulpit, in the courtroom and in Congress. Latter-day Saint leaders forsook the practice only after draconian anti-polygamy measures by the U.S. government left them believing their very survival was at risk.


Under the Banner of Heaven : A Story of Violent Faith (Contra) by Jon Krakauer. Deals primarily with the FLDS, but also addresses other fundamentalist sects of Mormonism

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FLDS – the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ, the largest of Mormonism’s fundamentalist sects.

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Polygamy: doctrine and history – How Polygamy went from being a “most holy and important doctrine” to being rejected – sort of – by the Mormon Church.

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Mormon Fundamentalism Good overview of the history and beliefs of Mormon Fundamentalism. The site’s publisher is a Mormon Fundamentalist. “This site is dedicated to providing a historical and doctrinal examination of the teachings and doctrines of Mormon Fundamentalism. The most prominent difference between Mormon fundamentalists and members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (commonly called the “Mormon Church”) is the practice of plural marriage or polygamy.”. The site is published by a member of the Mormon Church.